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26 08, 2019

Embracing Concrete With Customization


Embracing Concrete With Customization Do you still believe that all concrete is created equal with boring, gray finishes? Don't think that there is much you can do with concrete because all concrete coatings were made for commercial or industrial use and offer little to no wiggle room for customization? Well, we are proud to say that if you look back a couple of decades, you would be right! Fast forward to today and you will find that [...]

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24 08, 2019

Kick Back And Enjoy Your Pool More Than Ever!


Kick Back And Enjoy Your Pool More Than Ever! With summer right around the corner; even though it feels like its already here, its time to get your pool deck back into tip-top shape. This, however, can make you feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place with the only way to achieve this is to replace your concrete in some cases. Right? Well, not really. There are ways to make your summer [...]

Kick Back And Enjoy Your Pool More Than Ever!2019-08-21T03:11:12+00:00
22 08, 2019

Increase Your Homes Value With Rustic Charm


Increase Your Homes Value With Rustic Charm Are you in the market for a new flooring system? Looking the way of traditional hardwood flooring but are torn between its timeless and elegant appearance and its hours of harsh maintenance you have to endure to keep it looking new or last decades? Where the downsides of hardwood floors may have you looking in the direction of other traditional flooring systems such as laminate, tile or even carpet, you [...]

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22 08, 2019

Pool Safety Tips For Your Family This Summer


Pool Safety Tips For Your Family This Summer On a sizzling summer afternoon, everyone wants to get in the pool, including the children! The pool is a refreshing space where so many memories can be created, don’t let simple missed guidelines turn an opportunity for good into a disastrous accident. More than 3,700 people drown in the United States alone in accidents that could be prevented with some of the suggestions below! Fences keep [...]

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20 08, 2019

Trending: Getting Creative With Epoxy Floor Coatings


Trending: Getting Creative With Epoxy Floor Coatings When it comes to traditional flooring systems it will seem as if most of the systems are set in stone; some times literally with systems such a tile. Are you looking for a flooring system that will allow you to add your own flair to it without having to spend thousands of dollars having a custom flooring system made? Well, it sounds like you need an epoxy floor coating and [...]

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20 08, 2019

Top Interior Design Trends


Top Interior Design Trend There are different types of flooring trends sweeping the nation and they all differ. Bathrooms are being designed to bring back the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while the rest of some homes are recycled materials and others are look-alike wood! Whatever it is that you have currently in your home, take a look into the best flooring trends this year! Green is in! The hippy movement has left [...]

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18 08, 2019

Luxury Garage Flooring Made Affordable:


Luxury Garage Flooring Made Affordable: Are you in the market for a garage flooring system that can outperform the traditional floor coatings and do it at an affordable pricing point? Well, there are dozens of different options you can find like laminate, heavy-duty carpet, and even foam tiles but none of these alternatives really provide customization or the durability that you require for your garage. If you haven't found anything that strikes your fancy, have you thought [...]

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18 08, 2019

How To Resurface Concrete


How To Resurface Concrete Compared to other home improvements and projects as such, resurfacing is pretty straight forward. Concrete resurfacing is a great option for a slab that is having cosmetic issues but is in otherwise decent shape. For structural issues, a much deeper and more thorough job is needed. As long as you can follow recommendations and read instructions carefully, this can be performed and used as a DIY project. When it comes to aesthetically unpleasing [...]

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17 08, 2019

Choosing The Best Epoxy Floor Coatings


Choosing the best epoxy floor coatings There isn’t another coating that can compare to an epoxy floor coating and for good reasons. An epoxy floor coating can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces while providing comfort, safety, durability, and decorative appeal to all of these different places. Epoxy floors are resistant to high levels of wear and tear, they’re customizable, and they’re long-lasting. These floor coatings come in different types of coatings that offer different [...]

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16 08, 2019

Sprucing Up Your Garage Floor


Sprucing Up Your Garage Floor A residential garage area is one of the most multipurpose areas in your entire home! As it should be, and it should have flooring that suits whatever needs and desires you’re looking to have fulfilled. There are different types of garage flooring options that have been introduced throughout the years, including garage floor coatings, paints, sealers, stains, and epoxy. All of the garage flooring systems had unique characteristics that made them different [...]

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