Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring Blog

Before choosing an epoxy floor coating there is a list of questions that only you can answer, some of those questions being:

  1.     Where do I want this installed?
  2.     What will my floors be exposed too?
  3.     What is my budget?
  4.     What type of design am I looking for?
  5.     What type of qualities do I need in my epoxy flooring?


These questions can all help narrow down any concerns you may have about epoxy flooring and make the decision for one much easier. Once you have answered the immediate questions for yourself you can begin to look through the most popular epoxy flooring options, beginning with:

o   Self-dispersing epoxy coatings, these types of epoxy coatings are used in areas that contain heavy machinery use. In many highly functioning facilities that deal with chemicals, food processing, and beverage producing epoxy floors are used. These types of flooring have great anti-slip qualities that are great for facilities with many different employees.

o   Self-leveling epoxy coatings are typically great coatings for older concrete surfaces. These coatings can be great for areas that need seamless and smooth surfaces like kitchens, garages, warehouses, and office buildings.

o   Graveled epoxy coatings are beautifully decorative and great for areas, like businesses, that wish to have logos and designs to further extend their business marketing.

o   Epoxy terrazzo floor coatings are used in buildings where cleanliness is essential and must be easy so it can be done quickly. Also, a very decorative and beautifully distinct floor that is popular among schools, commercial buildings, and offices.

o   Epoxy antistatic floor coatings are specialized coatings that create a static-sensitive and static free environment. These floors are extremely important in laboratories, hospitals, and electronic manufacturing facilities.

o   Vapor barrier epoxy coatings come in handy if you’re looking for a flooring that will not allow any vapor transmissions.

o   Metallic epoxy coatings are unique and beautiful floor coatings that create 3D illusions through their manipulation of pigmentation in the epoxy mixture. These floors are made of 100% epoxy, thus making them one of the strongest epoxy flooring surfaces. These floors are nontoxic, extremely durable, and slip-resistant. Many commercial settings, schools, garages, basements, and kitchens are utilizing these floor coatings.

o   Epoxy Flaked floor coatings are more of the style in which epoxy is spread on the concrete floor but they still provide a unique concept. With multicolored fakes or chips, flaked epoxy coatings create decorative finishes anywhere they are installed.


Choosing what epoxy floor coating is the right one for you can take time but it is not extremely difficult. If you’re looking for strong and resistant flooring, it is truly impossible to make the wrong choice with epoxy flooring.

Epoxy floor coatings are used in many different areas, including:

o   Commercial buildings

o   Residential properties

o   Industrial facilities

o   Manufacturing plants

o   Chemical plants

o   Hospitals

o   Clinics

o   Public restrooms

o   Grocery stores

o   Pharmaceutical plants

o   Hangars

o   Warehouses

o   Showrooms