You work hard every day to keep your company successful, choosing the right investments for your future, all while ensuring your customer receives the top-notch service you know you can deliver. This is why we believe that your flooring shouldn’t be another thing on your list that you have to worry about. Our commercial epoxy flooring provides a hardworking floor that withstands even the harshest environments all while keeping a clean and sleek look that lasts decades.
Commercial epoxy flooring in Tallahassee is a smart choice for virtually any commercial facility you may have. A commercial epoxy floor coating can give your business a modern look that won’t be damaged from scratches, harsh chemicals, or even impacts from dropped objects. Unlike other traditional concrete floor coatings, a commercial eopxy flooring doesn’t require any strict regimens for maintenance, so your workers can focus on producing products as they should be. When it comes to flooring in commercial facilities, no other flooring solution can compete with our commercial epoxy floor coatings!
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    We offer many benefits that can be used in a wide range of industries. These industries already trust our flooring solutions for their ultra durability and long lifetimes that other flooring can't compete with.
    • Auto shops and car dealerships
    • Retail stores and shopping centers
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Machine shops
    • Aircraft hangars
    • Factories
    • Veterinary offices and kennels
    • Food and beverage processing facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Institutional facilities like prisons, jails, and military facilities
    Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors


    Business owners love our commercial epoxy floorings for many reasons such as superior damage resistance, extreme resistance to harsh chemicals and the easy maintenance that comes with no waxes or polishes. Our clients know that our commercial epoxy flooring blows all other traditional flooring out of the water.
    • Forms superior bonds to your concrete resulting in flooring that can handle heavy weight on a daily basis with ease
    • Meets all USDA guidelines for use in all food and beverage facilities and even hospital facilities
    • Requires no waxes or polishes to maintain, as simple as sweeping up debris and mopping up any liquids. Can even be hosed down if the floor is heavily soiled
    • Supreme resistance to wear and tear in harsh environments
    • Resists all chemicals and moisture such as gasoline, oil, acrylic, battery acids and water
    • Ultra safe with no lips that can pose a safety hazard; provides a smooth and seamless floor
    • Super hygienic as no bacteria or food particles have no areas to reside and form mold or reproduce harmful bacteria or viruses
    • With commercial epoxy flooring, you have endless amounts of customization to work with. We offer flakes, metallic pigments, and we can create barriers or work paths for your workers and forklifts to provide a safer and more efficient workday. We can even go as far as putting your companies logo in your flooring
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    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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    Our commercial epoxy floor coatings can be adapted to most commercial facility or business fronts that are used today. We can bring our commercial epoxy flooring to any and all of our neighbors in Tallahassee with professional installation and only the highest grade materials on the market. Below are only some of the few examples we serve, but not all of them. We can always help you if you require a specialized epoxy flooring.
    Retail Flooring
    Our clients in the retail spectrum of commercial facilities in Tallahassee enjoy many of the benefits of our commercial epoxy floor coatings. For one, commercial epoxy floorings provide a seamless flooring that bears no tripping hazards as well as provides grip even in moist areas with a special additive we supply. Our retail clients also enjoy our commercial epoxy flooring for its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic on a daily basis without showing signs of wear and tear like most traditional concrete floor coverings.
    Commercial Concrete Epoxy
    Our commercial epoxy flooring has been approved to be applied in hospice care facilities and even operation theaters. This is because of its seamless and hygienic properties that don’t allow any form of bacteria or viruses to hide in cracks and reproduce resulting in a serious problem. Commercial epoxy flooring will also withstand scratches and rubber marks from crash carts, so it maintains its like new appearance without having to repair or without heavy maintenance.
    Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
    Auto shops in Tallahassee exclusively use our commercial epoxy floor coatings for many reasons that other flooring just can’t provide. Our commercial epoxy floor coatings are extremely resistant to harsh chemicals that are commonly found in these facilities. Not only are our commercial epoxy flooring resistant to chemicals, but they can also handle heavy vehicle traffic with ease without being damaged as well. Commercial epoxy flooring can last in these harsh environments for upwards of 20 years in most cases!
    Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy
    Our clients that own a warehouse are ecstatic when it comes to their commercial epoxy flooring that we have installed for them. This is because commercial epoxy floor coatings are specially formulated to have high tensile strength, which allows for high height tolerance from your flooring. They also love how we can create walkways, forklift travel paths, and even barriers that won’t fade with time as they are placed under the top layer of epoxy. The best part is the easy maintenance as hours of man hours won’t be wasted upkeeping the flooring as only a simple broom and mop is required for daily use!
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Tallahassee
    A commercial epoxy floor coating is perfect for use in public offices like police stations, post offices, and DMV as they are a super durable, skid resistant and longlasting flooring option. Public offices cannot afford any type of fault in flooring as it can cause serious injury or even shutdown of an office for repairs. with a commercial epoxy flooring, you won’t have to worry about any of that as they maintenance like new strength for upwards of 20 years! No other traditional flooring on the market can stand up to our commercial epoxy floor coatings in these facilities and it has been proven and tested.
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