Do you love the look of traditional wood flooring? Well if you have done your research, you will find that in most cases, traditional wood floors are not worth the downsides. For example, the maintenance of a standard hardwood can take days to complete between sanding and staining, not to mention the harsh chemicals you have to use if you want wood outside. But how can you get the timeless and elegant look of wood without all of the downsides? With our rustic wood concrete of coarse!
With our rustic wood flooring; not to be confused with old wood flooring, you can get the timeless and elegant look of wood flooring with the durability and carefree maintenance of concrete flooring! As one of the top-rated concrete flooring installers in Tallahassee, you can rely on us to get the job right the first time around without the hassle you would get from our competitors. Want to know more about our rustic wood concrete and what it can do for you? We have everything you need to know and more down below.
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    Ditch Traditional Wood Flooring
    Switch To Versatile Wood Concrete Coatings
    Ever wonder why so many home and business owners are making the switch to concrete coatings over the traditional, natural flooring systems like wood? Well, down below you will find a few settings that our rustic wood concrete can be installed, making it much more versatile than natural floorings:
    • Garage Floors
    • Driveways
    • Pool Decks
    • Commercial Settings
    • Patios
    • Walkways
    • Basements
    • Show Rooms
    • Living Areas
    • Man Caves

    Maintaining Your

    Rustic Wood Concrete
    One of the biggest advantages the rustic wood concrete has over the traditional method of hardwood flooring is that they are incredibly easy to maintain. If you want wood without the relentless maintenance, down below you will find just how easy it is to maintain our wood concrete:
    • In terms of long term maintenance, depending on where you use this coating, its topcoat sealer will need to be replaced every 3-5 years; can be protected with wax.
    • All you will need to do in terms of daily maintenance is use a standard mop and broom to keep any foreign materials off the coating.
    • When mopping, make sure to use a PH neutral cleaner or you stand the chance of making your sealer become dull or even becoming weak.
    • When using rustic wood flooring outside, you can use your garden hose to wash it down!
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    Why You Should Use Rustic

    Wood Concrete
    While we have shown you how versatile and easy to maintain our rustic wood coatings are, there are still so many benefits that this flooring system has to offer! Ready to see what our industry-shaking floor coating can do for you, your home or your business? Down below you will find a few of the best benefits that you stand to gain from using our wood-concrete.
    In terms of durability, you will find that not many floors can come close to the durability of our concrete based floor coatings, and down below, you will find what our flooring is capable of:
    • Resists damage from heavy foot and vehicle damage by using high-grade materials and professional installation.
    • Resist damage from even harsh chemicals with the use of professional sealers to protect our coatings.
    • Completely waterproof and our sealers deny the growth of mold, mildew and other waterborne bacteria.
    Investment Factors
    Home and business owners alike have been making the switch to rustic wood concrete for the amazing investments they can turn out to be. For example, homeowners have reported growth in the value of their homes upwards of 5%! On the business side of things, protecting your concrete with one of our concrete based coatings can actually help your underlying concrete slab last 2-3 times longer than unprotected concrete. Not to mention that rustic wood flooring can boost your business’s curb appeal, bringing in more customers!
    When it comes to customizing your rustic wood-concrete, you will find that there is more customization than most people think. Down below, you will find what we can do for you:
    • We offer multiple options for plank size, grain patterns and even knots with our wide range of stamps made from real wood planks.
    • We offer the use of stains that can be used to create highs and lows, making the flooring ultra-realistic.
    • Provide options for sealers ranging from a high sheen to matte.
    Rapid Installation
    One of the biggest advantages that you stand to gain by using us as your concrete flooring installer is the decades of combined experience that our contractors bring to the table. With our knowledge, professional tools, and trusted installation methods, you can expect your project to get done faster than our competitors can get it done. While there are factors that can play a role in the installation of the coating like the condition of your concrete, size of the project and in some cases weather, you can expect to be using your flooring in as little as 2-5 days!
    Just like with the rapid installation of our rustic wood flooring, you can expect our professionally installed concrete coatings to outlast our competitions coatings by a long shot. With the use of our high-grade materials, you can expect your rustic wood flooring system to outlast even traditional wood flooring with a lifespan ranging anywhere from 20-30 years with proper maintenance. Remember, the replacement of the seal coat is crucial to how long the flooring system can last. To get the most out of your sealers, it is recommended that you use wax to keep the sealer in good condition longer.
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