Epoxy Tallahassee is a large area and we serve it and its surrounding counterparts. As a team we are devoted to providing the best quality to service to all of our customers and clients. We serve industrial, commercial, and residential owners who are all seeking an easy, affordable, and quick way to enhance their property. Whether you need an update on a garage or a kitchen, we can help. Our licensed professionals know how important it is to have a reliable flooring system that can withstand your every need for it. We are dedicated to transforming any floor you have from dull and boring to bright and durable.
Epoxy floors are the hottest trend sweeping floors across the nation. If you’re thinking about updating your floors, thinking about redoing your floors, or are simply tired of the floors you currently own, give us a call today.
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    Our team believes in no less than the best with what we have. With decades of combined experience, our licensed professionals know how to install a floor that you will be proud to show off and use. We are a fair and affordable company because we know how stressful a damaged floor can to in a home, business, or industrial setting. Many other companies will claim to have “professionals” but always be sure to check credentials to ensure you are receiving the best customer service around.
    Our contractors take their time to inspect, repair, and install your epoxy floors. An epoxy floor mixture must be properly installed for your concrete to cure with the blend to avoid common issues that occur with improper installation like: peeling, cracking, and discoloring. When you’re ready to talk to a friendly and experienced professional, give us a call!
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    Our Service Areas

    Based in Tallahassee, we serve all of the surrounding areas! Check below to see all of the interesting places we service.
    Epoxy Concrete Floor
    With its unique Rose Festival every year, Thomasville deems itself the City of Roses. It is also home to a 320-year-old oak tree that gets visitors from around the world. With a low cost of living and low population, Thomasville offers a small town feel to an area growing in popularity.
    Epoxy Concrete Floor Tallahassee Florida
    With celebrations like the first Christmas celebration site in the United States, Tallahassee has a fun and interesting history. As the capital of the state of Florida, it is the proud home of the third tallest capitol building in the United States of America. Also, home to Florida State University, Tallahassee contains a large population of college students and fantasy football.
    Epoxy Flooring Contractors
    Also known as Oak City, Bainbridge is the home to many historical sites dating back to 1765. With historical parks and community parks like Seminole State Park and Twin Lakes area, you are bound to want to explore the beautiful outdoors. Florida State University, Bainbridge College, and Tallahassee Community College are all nearby.
    Epoxy Flooring Contractors Tallahassee
    For such a close-knit area, Cairo is a place where large recreational parks and museums are around every corner. With an estimated population of 9,708, you’re certain to run into people you recognize on a regular basis. When visiting Cairo make sure to stop by Thomasville Rose Garden and some of the natural and historical museums.
    Epoxy Floor Installers
    If you like to support locally owned stores and restaurants then Camilla, GA is a place for you. With a lot of can’t-miss activities, you will be spending a lot of time getting to know the city through parades and festivals along with local artists who are very proud of their local history.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    Named after a General in the Revolutionary War, General William Moultrie, the city has quite a bit of history in the south. It is home to amazing schools and campuses like Moultrie Area Technical Institute, Albany State University, Florida State University Agricultural, and Florida Mechanical University. This town offers access to beautiful state parks and historical museums.
    Interestingly, the town was not always called Valdosta, rather, its original name was Troupville, in honor of the governor at the time, Governor George M. Troup. Once the Gulf and Atlantic Railroad was built a few miles away, the residents in Valdosta simply moved the town closer to the railway and then renamed it. Another town with an incredible history that impacted the shaping of the United States, it offers museums, both artistic and historical, wildlife, and an amazing festival held every March called The Azalea International Folk Festival.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Tallahassee Fl