We understand how critical it is for the flooring in an industrial facility to keep up with the harsh environment that it is exposed to. If an industrial facilities flooring was to fail it could result in health hazards, slow down workflow or even cause the shutdown of the entire facility. This can cause all of the hard work, time and effort you have put into your business to go right down the drain.
We are happy to offer our neighbors in Tallahassee our services in industrial epoxy flooring! Our flooring thrives in the harsh environments that traditional flooring fails to perform in. Our industrial epoxy flooring offers supreme chemical resistance, high tensile strength, and a lifetime of over 20 years! Industrial epoxy flooring is the flooring of the future, don’t let your facility fall behind.
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    Our industrial epoxy floor coatings have already gained quite a following in industrial facilities all over Tallahassee because no other flooring can compete with all the benefits of industrial epoxy. Below we have gathered only a few of the facilities that already use industrial epoxy flooring.
    • Auto garages and car dealerships
    • Heavy machine shops
    • Aircraft hangers
    • Healthcare facilities such as hospitals
    • Factories and manufacturing plants
    • Food and beverage plants
    • Data housing centers
    • Warehouses and distribution centers
    • Cold storage buildings
    • Foundries
    Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating


    The process of floor preparation can easily be done incorrectly so we always recommend you leave prep up to our industrial epoxy floor coating contractors as we have decades of experience. The first step is to remove any type of floor coating that already may be installed using a scraper or a pressure washer. Then we will proceed to fill all cracks so the finished product is seamless and smooth as it should be. Once the cracker filler has dried, we either use a diamond wheel to grind down the concrete slab to open the pores or we use a method called shot blasting to profile the concrete, both methods are used to form a tight bond with the epoxy resin. After this, we apply a coat of epoxy primer which furthers the bond to the concrete. The next steps are determined by what type of epoxy you choose so be sure to talk to your industrial epoxy floor coating contractor if you wish to know the coming steps. The final step is a clear resin that is applied on top to give our epoxy its shiny and durable finish.
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    We only use the highest grade materials for our neighbors in Tallahassee. When you use high-grade materials, you get high-grade results. From overall durability even to the pricing category, other traditional flooring just can’t compete. Industrial epoxy flooring provides enough benefits to fill an entire book but for time sake, we will outline the benefits that our clientele love the most.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors
    One of the most consumer-friendly benefits of our industrial epoxy floor coatings is the fact that our flooring systems can last up to 20 years and in some cases even longer. This is because our industrial epoxy floor coatings create a super tight bond to the concrete so heavy traffic from forklifts, dropped objects or even time can weaken this bond. This feature alone makes our industrial epoxy flooring a great investment for your companies future!
    Tallahassee Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
    Your facility may be subject to exposure to harsh chemicals such as gasoline, acid or alkalines that wreak havoc on traditional flooring. Our industrial epoxy floor coatings have been specially formulated to isolated harsh chemicals and moisture on the top layer of our resins so they have no contact to your concrete slab. When harsh chemicals are exposed to your slab it can cause serious structural deterioration and even environmental hazards. When you use our epoxy flooring, you are keeping your concrete and environment safe!
    Industrial Epoxy Garage Floor
    Our industrial clients love how durable our industrial epoxy floor coatings are. When you choose an industrial epoxy flooring, you are making the choice to protect your concrete slab from heavy vehicle traffic, impact from objects and even from cracks. Industrial epoxy floor coatings have been proven to increase the strength of concrete slabs up to 300 percent and even make the slab last about 2-3 times longer on average. With an industrial epoxy flooring, your facilities flooring will be lifeproof.
    Floor Epoxy Industrial
    Industrial epoxy flooring has been given the nickname ” worry free flooring” for its easy maintenance. Our epoxy flooring is so easy to care for as it doesn’t require any type of waxes or polishes to maintain its sleek and shiny appearance. For daily maintenance simply use a soft bristle broom to remove all loose debris and simply mop the floor. If your flooring is very soiled, use a hose to wash away all dirt and grime and use a stiff brush to lift any pesky stains that stick around.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering
    When choosing the flooring for your industrial facility, time is usually a huge factor on which type you go with. Well, with our industrial epoxy floor coatings, we can work around your schedule by installing sections at a time or install with the use of our quick cure eopxy that will accept light foot traffic in as little as an hour! Our industrial epoxy flooring systems are formulated to be installed in facilities that work 24/7, so no matter your operation, we will get your flooring done in a timely matter.
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