As the number one concrete resurfacing company in Tallahassee, we want to help you restore your concrete to its former glory. We have all the concrete resurfacing solutions you need and our expertly trained, experienced concrete resurfacing technicians are on hand to help you with concrete resurfacing solutions tailor made to suit you and your budget. Whether you’re dealing with an aging pool deck system or you want to give your garage floor a new look, we can help.
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    Who We Serve
    Applications for Concrete Resurfacing Tallahassee
    We serve homeowners and commercial property owners with a variety of robust concrete resurfacing Tallahassee solutions. We resurface all types of concrete:
    • Factories and manufacturing plants
    • Warehouses
    • Institutional facilities
    • Residential concrete floors
    • Pool decks
    • Retail facilities
    • Medical facilities
    • Food processing plants & restaurants
    • Auto shops
    • & more!
    concrete resurfacing

    What Is

    Concrete Resurfacing?
    With the simple passage of time (and the weather), it’s only natural that your once great concrete surface can start to crack and wear out. If your concrete is no longer living its best life, then don’t hesitate to contact our concrete resurfacing Tallahassee experts today. While you may be thinking of tearing out all of the concrete and starting again from scratch, concrete resurfacing can instead offer you all the great benefits of fresh, new concrete, but at only a fraction of the cost, time, and effort.
    Allow us to walk you through some of the great benefits available at your fingertips with concrete resurfacing:
    Instead of replacing all of your old worn out concrete with the costly and time consuming process of digging it all up, mixing new concrete and pouring a whole new slab, concrete resurfacing in Tallahassee instead removes just a small layer from the top of your existing concrete and replaces that with a fresh surface — or a decorative coating. Not only is this much cheaper, with fewer materials and labor costs, it’s also a much more eco-friendly option with far less waste.
    With an infinite range of possibilities available when it comes to colors, designs, and patterns, you can turn any worn out or damaged old concrete into a beautiful, fresh, new concrete patio, walkway, garage floor, pool deck, and more. Imagine a concrete surface you can be proud to own and show off with your imagination as the only limit.
    Resurfaced concrete can be topped with a number of special coatings. For example, anti-skid coatings are available which will help to prevent slips and trips around the pool. Perhaps you might like a Cool Deck coating which can regulate the temperature of the concrete and prevent it from getting too hot on those blazing summer afternoons.
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    Concrete Resurfacing Services

    In Tallahassee
    With endless solutions available when it comes to resurfacing your existing concrete and giving it a great, fresh new look and function, allow us to help you give your concrete the new lease of life it so desperately deserves. Our highly trained and experienced concrete resurfacing technicians are on hand with tailor made solutions to fit your needs and your budget.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    When it comes to flooring solutions, there is none so cost effective and long-lasting as commercial epoxy floors. Perfectly capable of holding up under even the most demanding of environments, commercial epoxy flooring will not only provide your commercial space with a great, modern-looking and durable floor, it will also provide great protection from the likes of spills, moisture, chemicals, cracks, abrasion, and other forms of damage.
    No other flooring solution can rival the strength, durability, performance, and aesthetic quality of commercial epoxy in Tallahassee. We offer a wide array of colors, patterns, and designs to give your commercial property a brand new look.
    stamped concrete overlay
    Stamped Concrete Overlays
    Stamped concrete overlays offer you all of the great aesthetic benefits of conventional stamped or slab concrete, but without the hassle or expense of having the old concrete dug up and replaced. With a stamped concrete overlay, you can effortlessly and seamlessly replicate all of the beautiful textures and colors that come with premium materials such as wood, slate, brick, or natural stone.
    Stamped concrete overlays are laid over existing concrete and are extremely popular with our customers for use on their walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and even interior concrete floors.
    Garage Floor Coating
    Garage Epoxy Coatings
    Instead of traditional concrete resurfacing Tallahassee service for your garage floor, why not consider an epoxy garage coating? There’s a reason why commercial facilities such as auto showrooms and factories have been utilizing epoxy floors for years. Now, epoxy is starting to make a huge impact in the residential sector. With amazing aesthetics, superior durability, and fantastic resistance to grease and oils, chemicals, weathering, moisture, abrasion, and hot tire pick up, join the thousands of Florida homeowners who are now choosing epoxy flooring for their garage.
    rubberized floor coating
    Rubberized Concrete Coatings
    Another great option for your garage or commercial property is a rubberized concrete coating. These are often used in a wide range of settings that call for strong, affordable, and resilient flooring. With a variety of colors, textures, and print options to choose from, a rubberized concrete coating for your garage can be a much more aesthetically pleasing than just plain old concrete. It is also incredibly durable too, and when properly cared for, can last for as long as 20 years or more.
    There truly is nothing that you or the environment can throw at a rubberized concrete coating that it can’t handle, and not only that, all it typically takes for a thorough clean is a damp mop. Rarely will you ever need to perform a chemical clean. And this isn’t even to mention the great sound absorbency of rubberized concrete coatings.
    concrete resurfacing Tallahassee
    Acid Stains
    With the use of acid staining, you can mimic anything like stained wood, polished marble, tanned leather, or natural stone to achieve beautiful, awe-inspiring concrete surfaces at a mere fraction of the price of coatings and other solutions. Whereas other available mediums like paint leave your resurfaced concrete with a solid, opaque effect, acid stains will permeate your concrete and leave you with beautifully infused luminous and translucent tones. There is no other option available that can achieve the same luxurious richness that acid staining affords and it can be used indoors or outdoors to mask minor types of damage like hairline cracks or simply give your concrete a decorative upgrade.
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