Consider Concrete

Instead of Wood

Instead of Wood
Wood is a classic! No one is here to argue a straight-forward fact that has been around since before the colonies settled what became America. Wood floors offer a homestyle, rustic feel that can truly be difficult to duplicate, until now. Concrete wood has become a popular alternative in today’s market and here is why: affordability, maintenance, longevity, eco-friendly, aesthetics, and so much more! Concrete wood checks all of the boxes any wood floor could check but tags on a few more.
Wood is Eco-Friendly
Instead of Wood
Wood floors require a lot of trees to be cut down and soil to be depleted, plus, they simply need a lot of maintenance to be kept clean, scratch, stain, and crack free. The rustic feel people search for with wood floors can be duplicated with a concrete wood floor without the fact that your wood floors are falling apart. Eco-friendly option extends into the lifespan of the flooring itself, with a longer lifespan, wood concrete doesn’t have to be replaced every so often saving resources, time, and money.
Wood Concrete is easy
Eco Friendly
In today’s world, no one wants to come home after a stressful day of commuting to a floor that needs to be swept, cleaned, and taken to the spa! If you enjoy quick satisfaction, then you need wood concrete because there aren’t any special cleaners, cleaning routines, or avoidance measures that need to be taken to keep the floors looking and feeling their best.
Wood Concrete is affordable
Wood Concrete
The price tag on a wood-concrete floor is extremely affordable, especially when you consider the decade’s long lifespan, the little maintenance required, and the amount of resistance that comes with having a concrete floor in general. The affordability offered by these floors is being utilized by new and old homeowners around the country.
Wood Concrete is resistant
Garage Floor Epoxy
Unlike the authentic wood floor, which is susceptible to damage by water, impact, furniture, and so much more; concrete wood is different. Concrete wood allows your home/business to flourish without limitations of staining, scratching, damaging, fatiguing, or discoloring. It is an important concept to grasp, concrete wood does not damage easily, quickly, nor is it a common occurrence! Concrete wood is great for areas that experience high foot-traffic or homes that have children and animals present.
Concrete wood, when compared to real wood, truly does simply blow everything out of the water. When you compare the details, aside from the looks, concrete wood has risen to the top of the flooring material. With a surface that requires very little from you but gives you everything, what is there not to love?