Embracing Concrete

With Customization

Concrete Coating
Do you still believe that all concrete is created equal with boring, gray finishes? Don’t think that there is much you can do with concrete because all concrete coatings were made for commercial or industrial use and offer little to no wiggle room for customization? Well, we are proud to say that if you look back a couple of decades, you would be right! Fast forward to today and you will find that concrete is actually one of the most customizable flooring systems on the market! Get the bare and boring concrete out of your mind and make way for the concrete and concrete coatings that can be customized to the limits of your imagination!
Types Of Concrete Coatings And Decorative Concretes
Concrete Resurfacing
To begin, we need to take a look at the broad selection of concrete coatings and the level of customization that they can bring into your home. There are dozens of different coatings that can spark interest inside of your home and even implement much-needed curb appeal outside of your home. Down below, you will find the most popular concrete coatings that are used today!
Concrete Coatings
Metallic Epoxy
  • Concrete sealers are the best option if you are trying to achieve the industrial look of traditional concrete. There are even options to add pigments, choose between a high or low gloss sheens and even a wide range of sealers to choose from
  • With an epoxy concrete coating, you can achieve a modern and simplistic look with traditional epoxy coatings all the way to a dazzling and ecstatic metallic epoxy coating
Decorative Concretes
Wood Stamped Concrete
  • Concrete stains can be used to create amazing finishes that can be solid in color to being used to create a finish reminiscent of watercolor or marble
  • Rustic wood flooring can be used to mimic the timeless and elegant traditional hardwood with the exception of having the durability of a concrete flooring system
  • Stamped concrete is one of the most popular coatings with the ability to perfectly mimic the appearance of natural stone, intricate paver patterns, and even rustic wood flooring!
Benefits Of Using A Concrete Coating
Stamped Concrete
While the dazzling finishes of decorative concrete and concrete coatings are a great benefit by themselves, the best part about concrete is that there is more than meets the eye! Concrete offers amazing benefits ranging from unmatched durability to a carefree maintenance routine and you can find the best benefits down below:
  • Concrete coatings are an ultra-durable finish that will protect your underlying concrete slab from most forms of physical and chemical damage
  • Homeowners love how using a decorative concrete coating can show an increase of up to 5% to the value of their home!
  • Most concrete coatings are simple to maintain as they don’t require any messy waxes or polishes
  • Most concrete coatings also offer an amazingly long service life, most often achieving at least 20 years!
The Versatility Of Concrete Coatings
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Do you think that these coatings make it impossible for concrete based flooring to maintain its versatility? Well, the engineers behind concrete coatings have taken everything into account and have made mostly all concrete coatings maintain its versatility and can be used almost anywhere! Down below, you can find a few areas where concrete coatings and decorative concretes are commonly used:
  • Decorative concrete overlays such as stamped concrete see plenty of use on exterior concrete in areas like driveways and pool decking
  • For major living areas, epoxy flooring and even sealed concrete are perfect choices for their accident-proof finish
  • No matter where you have concrete, there is a high chance that an artistic concrete overlay can increase its appeal!
Customizing Your Concrete With Concrete Resurfacing
Epoxy Flooring
Damaged concrete can make you feel as if your concrete has reached the end of the line. Opposed to replacing your concrete, what can you do? Well, you can use the service of concrete resurfacing to get your concrete back into tip-top shape and even customize it to your heart’s extent! Down below, you will find how concrete resurfacing is a blessing in disguise in terms of design:
  • Metallic epoxy floors are a common choice in many concrete resurfacing projects as it offers a dazzling finish capable of mimicking the appearance of clouds, waves or even a pure glittery flooring
  • Rustic wood flooring is also a popular choice for after concrete resurfacing as its timeless appearance can hide any repairs with its thick coating
  • Rubberized floor coatings are an amazing choice as well, offering unlimited configurable patterns suitable for all settings all while being an eco-friendly flooring option
Concrete no longer has to be bare and boring like it has in the past. Transform your interior or exterior concrete with a concrete coating and you will never go back to traditional flooring, guaranteed!