When it comes time to find someone to install your new epoxy flooring system, there are some things that you are going to want to look for. Sadly, there are unprofessional epoxy flooring contractors in Tallahassee that won’t only charge you an arm and a leg but will also leave ample room for your brand new epoxy flooring system to fail. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you use our services in Tallahassee. Our team of epoxy flooring contractors can bring:
  • Decades Of Combined Experience
  • High-Grade Materials
  • Rapid And Reliable Installation
As a company forged and founded in Tallahassee, we will always strive to provide only the best professional epoxy flooring systems to our neighbors. Are you ready to find out how using our services can not only make your epoxy flooring better but make you happier? We have all the information you need and more down below!
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    The #1 Epoxy Flooring Contractors
    Why You Should Use Our Services
    As one of the top epoxy flooring contractors in Tallahassee, we make sure that we always follow a basic set of rules that have gotten us to where we are today. Down below, you will find all of our promises to you:
    • Only Use High-Grade Materials
    • Provide Rapid And Professional Installation
    • Provide Affordable Prices
    • Treat You, Your Home Or Business With Respect
    • Provide Quality Finishes
    • Give You A Professional Quote For Free!
    epoxy flooring contractors

    Why You Should

    Use Epoxy Flooring
    Home and business owners alike love epoxy flooring for more reasons than one! Epoxy flooring offers many amazing benefits that can make your home or business safer and even more resilient to damage. Not sure if epoxy flooring is for you? Down below are a few of the reasons why you should use an epoxy flooring system from our epoxy flooring contractors Tallahassee:
    • Epoxy offers damage resistance to a variety of daily hazards and even harsh chemicals
    • Epoxy is one of the most simplistic flooring systems to maintain with no waxes or polishes
    • An epoxy floor coating can make an area up to 300 percent brighter without the help of additional lighting sources
    • The epoxy floor offers endless options in term of customization and design
    • Epoxy flooring can be used in most cases of concrete resurfacing
    • The epoxy floor coating even offers a longer service life than most flooring systems with a 20-30 year service life
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    Epoxy Flooring Systems We Offer

    In Tallahassee
    When it comes to the level of expertise our team of epoxy flooring contractors has, you will find that we are trained and have experience installing all different types of epoxy flooring systems. Because the wide range of epoxy floor coatings that we offer, we have taken the liberty in outlining the most popular epoxy flooring systems we offer down below:
    garage floor epoxy contractors
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Garage floor epoxy is one of the top flooring systems on the market and here’s why:
    • Garage floor epoxy can transform your gloomy and damaged garage into a warm and welcoming environment
    • Garage epoxy offers incredible light reflectivity that can make your garage up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources, saving you money in the process
    • The best part about garage floor epoxy is that a professionally installed epoxy system can actually increase the value of your home
    residential epoxy flooring
    Residential Epoxy
    When most people hear residential epoxy flooring, they automatically assume its garage floor epoxy, but here’s what residential epoxy is all about:
    • Residential epoxy is recently becoming one of the most popular living area floor coatings on the market for their wide range of customization and easy maintenance
    • We offer a wide range of epoxy base colors, flakes and even the ability to use metallic pigments to craft metallic epoxy flooring
    • Residential epoxy is perfect for families as they are slip/skid resistance and resistant to stains
    industrial epoxy floor coating contractors
    Industrial Epoxy
    Industrial epoxy flooring is one of the industries leading flooring systems and here’s why
    • Industrial epoxy flooring uses the 100 percent solid epoxy base which is able to tolerate around 15,000 to 20,000 PSI which compared to the measly toleration of concrete of only 3,000 PSI
    • Industrial epoxy flooring can be customized with stencils to create arrows, text, barriers, walkways/vehicle paths and much more that will make your facility safer and much more efficient
    • Industrial epoxy flooring also resists all common harsh chemicals
    metallic epoxy floor
    Metallic Epoxy
    Metallic epoxy flooring systems are a wonderful way to add that wow factor to your home or business but there is so much more to these flooring systems like:
    • Metallic epoxy is able to provide amazing finishes like appearing as fire, waves or burning embers by using solvents and advanced techniques
    • Metallic epoxy is still durable as well as it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy system as an industrial epoxy
    • Remember, only use professional assistance with metallic epoxy, one mistake can ruin your flooring system
    commercial epoxy floor contractors
    Commercial Epoxy
    When it comes to commercial epoxy flooring, business owners know that they will provide steady results in their facility and here’s why:
    • Commercial epoxy flooring is one of the few flooring systems to reach approval from the USDA for use in sensitive facilities
    • With this approval, commercial epoxy can be used in a wide variety of facilities ranging from restaurants to backroom warehouses and even in the medical industry
    • The approval from the USDA comes from its seamless and hygienic finish that is resistant to wear and tear
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