We have all been in this predicament before, choosing new flooring for our business or our home. It seems as all this process produces is a throbbing headache and too much research for one person to complete and even if you do manage to get all the information, you still feel lost. If only there was a flooring that had the selection of tile and the durability of a concrete floor. Oh wait, there is but because the monopoly formed by the major flooring systems, you never hear about it.
We are here to tell you today about an amazing flooring called epoxy flooring that our epoxy flooring contractors have decades of experience working with. Epoxy flooring is some of the most beautiful, customizable and durable floorings you can find on the market to this date. There is some slander on epoxy floorings name, they say it is a flooring that is only tolerable in commercial or industrial settings. Well, we are here with our team of epoxy flooring contractors to tell you why that is completely false.
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    Why Use Professional Epoxy Flooring Contractors
    What You Gain From Professionally Installing Your Epoxy Flooring
    When using our team of epoxy flooring contractors, you will find there are some benefits involved that regular Joe just can't provide for you. We will always put you first, we want you to be a lifetime customer and not a one time deal, so here is what we can do for you.
    • Highest grade materials are used by professionals as they require licenses to buy
    • Fast and efficient install times
    • Free no obligation quotes
    • Most knowledgeable, we can help you with all of your questions
    • High-quality and professional service
    • Restaurants and commercial kitchens
    • We treat you with the respect you deserve

    How Epoxy Flooring

    Contractors Prepare For Epoxy
    The preparation leading up to the installation of the epoxy flooring is the most critical process of the whole project. This is why our team of epoxy flooring contractors will always urge only to use professionals during this process. Regular Joe may try and skip steps to save time or just not do a step in general. Below we have a general outline of what is done during this process:
    • First, the epoxy flooring contractors start by repairing all imperfections on the concrete slab like cracks, gouges, and stains. An emphasis on stains as they can ruin the bond between the epoxy flooring and the concrete slab.
    • After the repairs have been made, the epoxy flooring contractors begin to profile the concrete slab with one of two methods. The most common is the process is grinding the surface using a diamond blade attachment and the second method is shot blasting. Both of these processes open the pores of the concrete to allow for a superior bond to the concrete slab.
    • The final step before the actual installation of the epoxy is for the concrete slab to be thoroughly checked for more imperfections. If the concrete is clear of imperfections and clean, a coat of epoxy primer is applied and the process of installing the epoxy begins.
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    Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

    Systems In Tallahassee
    The best part of having our team of epoxy flooring contractors install your epoxy flooring is the almost instant list of benefits that are gifted to you once the flooring is completely cured. Below we have only a few of the marvelous benefits of epoxy flooring, some benefits are unprecedented in traditional concrete floorings:
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    Easy To Maintain
    Epoxy Flooring is one of the easiest floorings to maintain simply because it doesn’t need any type of waxes or polishing to make it shine like the day it was installed. All you need to make this flooring clean is a simple soft bristle broom and standard wet mop. Just make sure that you test chemicals on the epoxy flooring before you use them on the entire floor. If you have epoxy in an area like a garage, you can also use a hose to clean it!
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    When installed by our epoxy flooring contractors or professionally, epoxy flooring has the ability to be one of the most durable flooring options on the market. Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, harsh chemicals, dropped objects and even the use of heavy machinery without showing signs of wear and tear for over 20 years! Not only is the material strong, but it can also make the concrete slab stronger as well. Epoxy flooring has been known to make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger than bare concrete.
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    Stain And Chemical Resistance
    Another great feature of epoxy flooring is that it is able to withstand chemicals and stains thanks to its solid, nonporous top coat. The top coat won’t allow for any moisture at all to pass through its surface so no material is able to stain the epoxy flooring and it also isolates any chemical on its surface for easy cleanup and disposal. Not only will this keep the area clean and looking professional, but it will also make your home or facility greener in terms of protecting the environment.
    Epoxy Coating Contractors Near Me
    A feature unique to epoxy flooring is that it is able to be customized to the hearts fullest extent. Our team of epoxy flooring contractors is able to make what seems to be a true work of art with the help of various designs, colors, paint flakes and even the use of metallic pigments to create a floor that cannot be replicated, no matter how hard they try.
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    Brightens Your Garage
    An extension of the customization of the epoxy flooring is that epoxy flooring is able to make an area seem brighter. The surface of epoxy flooring is light reflective and can make the area seem up to 300 percent brighter as studies show. Not only will this save your facility money, but it can also make an area safer by making dropped objects easier to spot on the ground.