Our floors have to be ready to handle anything life throws at them, at any point in time. Having a professionally installed epoxy floor guarantees that your floor will be equipped to handle any environment on any given day. A beautiful floor will help impress clients, customers, colleagues, neighbors, family, and guests alike. Epoxy flooring systems are installed as high-performing floors that are resistant to all kinds of damages, all while staying beautifully bright and shiny.
Whether you’re looking for a custom design for your flooring or a standard epoxy floor coating, we do it all. As the leading epoxy flooring company in the Tallahassee area, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service and nothing less than satisfaction. Our team has decades of combined experience that ensures you are under the care of professionals. Epoxy flooring is what we do best, don’t trust just anyone with your floors, and certainly not a DIY kit. These floors are accredited to being highly resistant and long-lasting, however, if they are not properly installed, those benefits can be ripped away very quickly. For more information about our epoxy flooring, continue below.
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    Where are epoxy floors typically used?
    Tallahassee epoxy flooring is one of the most popular flooring options on the market.
    Epoxy flooring is not only used for homes, businesses, and facilities. We have worked with many different companies and areas where epoxy floors have been valued for their benefits. The specific industries that also utilize epoxy flooring are:
    • Public Restrooms
    • Schools/Universities
    • Workshops
    • Airports
    • Hotels
    • Retail Shops/Centers
    • Garages
    • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
    • Food-Processing Plants
    Metallic Epoxy Floor


    Epoxy Flooring
    Garage epoxy flooring options are increasingly popular with every year for more reasons than ever before! These flooring systems are easily maintained, resistant to damages, and can be installed with beautiful designs and logos. Garage epoxy flooring options enhance the safety and longevity of your home. Why choose an epoxy floor coating for your garage? Because:
    • Epoxy garage floors are stain, oil, and water resistant.
    • Seamless epoxy garage floors are much more forgiving on vehicles and machinery.
    • Garage epoxy can be installed with top of the line safety features to protect you and your loved ones.
    • Epoxy floors for garages are quickly installed.
    • You can customize a garage floor to have a standard look or a more exciting design, like metallic epoxy.
    • Garage epoxy floors are much more impact resistant.
    • Resistant to wear and tear and any type of chemical spill.
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy flooring has become one of the most popular options for residential, commercial, and industrial floors. Our epoxy floors offer many benefits including affordability and longevity, with proper installation an epoxy floor is more beneficial than any other flooring option on the market.
    Metallic Epoxy Floor
    Metallic Epoxy
    When you’re choosing between a standard look or a more modern look, metallic epoxy is the best way you can go. Metallic epoxy can be installed to mimic clouds, water, or and another 3D picture you’re interested in. It allows you to bring any illusion you envision for your floors, to life. These floors are the hardest and more durable option when choosing an epoxy floor. If you want to make your neighbors or your competitors envious of your floors, this is the way to go.
    Tallahassee Epoxy Flooring
    Epoxy floors are resistant to many different things like water, oils, stains, car fluid, and slippage. Concrete on its own is very absorbent and can be damaged very easily unless it has a protective coating. If water is spilled on raw concrete, it will be absorbed into its pores and create a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Oils can stain and damage unprotected concrete, however, protected concrete will isolate any spill which will allow you to easily clean your floors.
    Epoxy Concrete Floor
    Low Maintenance
    If you’re looking to install a flooring system that will allow you to spend more time with your family, friends, or clients, then epoxy is the flooring system for you. Very little is required to ensure the longevity of an epoxy floor. Daily sweeping and weekly mopping are encouraged to not only keep your floors clean but to avoid an abrasion that could be caused by harmful debris. A low maintenance floor, like epoxy flooring, lowers your budget and makes the flooring incredibly affordable.
    Commercial Epoxy
    There are many different settings that utilize epoxy flooring because of its ability to be visually diverse and the floors long-lasting qualities. Epoxy floors can mimic other flooring systems without bringing along all of the baggage those floors have. For example, many business buildings and offices like the classic sophisticated wood floor, but those come with a heavy price and long burden. Real wood floors are not resistant to damages and do not last long; however, an epoxy floor can be installed to mimic wood, tile, or marble floors, so that you gain all of the benefits and none of the downfalls.
    Residential Epoxy Flooring
    Residential Epoxy
    Whether it is your garage, your basement, your kitchen, or your living area, epoxy flooring is the best option. With unlimited designs, quick installation, and amazing prices, a residential epoxy floor is a way to go. If you’re looking to spend more money on things you and your family will enjoy, then hire a professional to install an epoxy floor today! You can have a traditional looking floor for a much better price and longer lasting benefits. There is no wonder residential epoxy floors have become so insanely popular.