We understand how critical a flooring can be in your home to the business you own. It is exposed to rather harsh conditions sometimes on a daily basis like in an auto shop or sometimes not too frequently at all like in your living room. No matter what your flooring has to be prepared for accidents or just daily life no matter what. That is why we are proud to offer our neighbors in Tallahassee our epoxy flooring solutions! With our epoxy floor coating, you will enjoy flooring that provides a resilient, strong and long-lasting surface that won’t crack or waver even in the harshest conditions you can throw at it. Just because it is an epoxy doesn’t mean that it will be bland or boring either, we offer many different ways to customize your flooring as well. Don’t be stuck in the past, switch to an epoxy floor coating and join all of our other clients as front-runners in the new era in flooring!
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    Epoxy floor coatings have been tested and proven in many different facilities and households as they hold no bounds on where they can be placed. The easiest way to inform where you can place epoxy is this; wherever you have concrete or can place concrete, we can apply our epoxies!
    • Warehouses
    • -Driveways
    • Aircraft hangers
    • Food and beverage facilities like commercial kitchens and restaurants
    • Entire home floorings
    • Doctors offices and veterinarian clinics
    • Shops and Manufacturing plants
    • Grocery stores and shopping centers
    • Mancaves
    • Auto shops and residential garages
    • Public offices such as post offices and police departments
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    The process of preparing the concrete slab for an epoxy floor coating is a tedious and strict process that determines how strong and how long your floor coating will last. It is recommended that you leave this process to professionals as it can easily be done the wrong way. It starts with filling all cracks with a special material that restricts the crack from growing or showing through the finished product. Once this material has dried the next step is a process of grinding using a diamond wheel to open the pores in the concrete slab or shot blasting to profile the concrete. This is done with vacuum systems to ensure that the area stays clean for a superior bond. The next step is an epoxy primer is laid down on the concrete slab to further the bond of the epoxy resin. The next steps are dependent upon which type of epoxy will be required for your needs. Be sure to talk with your epoxy flooring contractor for the following steps.
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    Our epoxy floor coatings in Tallahassee have been formulated to provide benefits for our residential clients all the way to our industrial clientele. No matter what you plan on using our epoxy flooring systems for, we have a solution that can fit your needs no matter how strenuous or hardcore they may be. Below are the benefits all of our clients love the most about our epoxy flooring! You can also check out our homepage and find more services like epoxy flooring that we offer!
    Epoxy Flooring Contractors Tallahassee
    One of the most popular benefits of our epoxy flooring is the fact that they are basically life proof. No matter what you throw at them they with withstand the pressure and won’t waver or crack. Even if an impact form a heavy object occurs, your flooring will be unscathed. Not only is the actual coating ultra strong, but it also makes the concrete slab strong as well. Epoxy floor coatings can make your slab up to 300 percent stronger and last 2-3 times longer!
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    Our residential, commercial and industrial clientele love the customization that comes with our epoxy floor coatings. No matter what no two flooring will be the same and be a display of man-made beauty that no other traditional flooring is able to replicate. We offer flakes, metallic pigments, we can place arrows and barriers to direct traffic and workflow. We can even go as far as placing your favorite sports teams logo in your man cave to placing your companies logo into your storefront.
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    Epoxy floor coatings are perfect for residential garages and auto shops alike for its supreme chemical resistance. Epoxy floorings have been formulated to be a 100 percent solid surface and this doesn’t allow any type of chemical to penetrate the surface and cause deterioration or any type of stain. This property allows the chemical to remain isolated on the top layer of epoxy for easy removal, keeping your facility or garages concrete safe from even the harshest chemicals found in these environments.
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    The USDA has approved epoxy flooring in institutions such as hospitals and food and beverage facilities for its seamless and hygienic finish. The seamless surface doesn’t provide any cracks or crevices that bacteria, viruses or food particles to be uncleaned resulting in mold and bacteria reproducing causing a serious health hazard. This is vital in hospice care facilities as the occupants are extremely susceptible to these harmful germs. Since epoxy floors can be cleaned with harsh chemicals, this makes it possible to have a near germ free surface.
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    All of our clients love how easy it is to maintain an epoxy floor coating as they don’t require any type of waxing or polishes. All that is required for daily cleaning is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop and a standard mop. For a severely soiled floor simply sweep any loose debris and hose down with a garden hose. If any liquid has left a stain, simply use a stiff bristle brush to remove it. And just like that your floor will sparkle like new!
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