The garage is a dim and boring area of most homes that is dominated by the bland concrete floor and this is the common complaint in most garages and we can’t agree more. There hasn’t really been a solution for this problem either as most other flooring options don’t really defend against the harsh conditions that are found in garages and fail relatively fast. Well, that was before the garage floor epoxy that is.
Our team of epoxy garage floor installers has decades of combined experience in the field of epoxy flooring so you can rest assured that you are getting the best product possible. With a garage floor epoxy, you are able to turn that boring and dark area of your home into a bright and welcoming environment that you can have pride in knowing that your garage turns your neighbors green with envy every time your garage door comes up!
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    Why Use Professional Epoxy Garage Floor Installers
    What You Gain From Professionally Installing Your Garage Floor Epoxy
    When you have your garage epoxy installed by our professional epoxy garage floor installers, you will find that there are quite a few positive benefits to gain from using us as opposed to regular Joe. Below are a few ways your epoxy can benefit by letting out epoxy garage floor installers do the job for you:
    • Faster install times
    • High-quality service
    • Treat you with the respect you deserve
    • Free quotes
    • Decades of combined experience to get the job done right the first time
    • Our goal is to make you a lifetime customer, not a one time deal
    • More knowledgeable so we can help you with all of your questions
    Garage Epoxy

    How Epoxy Garage

    Floor Installers Maintain Their Epoxy
    One of the most crucial parts of having our epoxy garage floor installers come out and install your garage epoxy is the tips and tricks they give you for maintenance. For our online guests, we are going to give you the treat of telling you how our professional epoxy garage floor installers maintain the epoxy they have at home:
    • You should always start by removing all loose debris from the epoxy floor. To do this use a soft bristle broom or a dust mop. Never use stiff-bristle brooms as they can leave mynute scratches in the top coat of the epoxy that can be unsightly in the light.
    • The next step is simply mopping the surface of the epoxy flooring. Always test cleaners before using them! To test a cleaner, mask off an area in the corner or a place that won’t be exposed and apply a splash of material. If the material turns the top coat cloudy, never use it. Always let the material sit for at least 5 minutes to make sure no chemical reaction occurs.
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    Benefits Of

    Garage Floor Epoxies In Tallahassee
    Our epoxy garage floor installers love installing garage floor epoxy for a single reason. Unlike other companies, that one reason is not the money, it is the satisfaction of providing our neighbors in Tallahassee with some of the most amazing benefits floorings can offer. Below we have outlined only a few of the amazing benefits that a garage floor epoxy system can bring to your home.
    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
    Fast Installation
    What most homeowners love about garage floor epoxy is the fact that our epoxy garage floor installers are able to install the garage floor epoxy at breakneck speeds. The epoxy garage floor coating in a 2 car garage will only take about 2-3 days depending on how many repairs are required and if weather permits. Once the epoxy floor has been installed, always wait at least 24 hours before walking on the floor and at least 72 hours before placing vehicles in the garage.
    Epoxy Garage Floor Installers
    Garage floor epoxy is perfect for high traffic garage and garages that are used for the car enthusiast as it is able to take quite the beating. The epoxy is able to handle heavy vehicle traffic, will resist water and fire, and is able to shrug off impact from some objects all without showing signs of wear and tear. Not only can the garage epoxy protect, but it can also make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger compared to bare concrete.
    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor
    Our epoxy garage floor installers can sometimes be mistaken for artists for their amazing and beautiful work when installing garage floor epoxy. They are able to customize your garage with a variety of colors, the use of multi-colored or single colored paint flakes and even the use of metallic pigments to create the magnificent metallic epoxy flooring. Don’t worry, we even have an option for the extreme enthusiast! We can place any logo or emblem into the epoxy flooring itself!
    Garage Epoxy Coating
    Stain And Chemical Resistance
    If you look into any of your neighbor’s garages that don’t have epoxy, you will notice that there is usually stains from oil and gasoline. Not only do these materials leave stains, but they can also damage your concretes composition and even contaminate the surrounding soil, causing an environmental hazard. But with an epoxy floor coating, you will not have to worry about stains ever again.
    Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating
    Brightens Your Garage
    When a lighter colored epoxy is used, there can actually be an increase of light in the garage. This is because the garage floor epoxy is extremely reflective, making the area seem brighter. Garage floor epoxy has been proven to make the area up to 300 percent brighter without the help from additional lighting sources, just a main source. This will make the garage safer and save you money!