Here at SUDS Power Washing LLC we also offer some of the best concrete services around. Our team here has more than 10 years of experience working with all different types of concrete surfaces. As a dedicated group of technicians, we promise to provide 100% customer satisfaction with all of our final products. Garage floor coatings are important applications to your garage floors for more reasons than one.
We know how daunting it can be to have any type of work being done in your home, but do not be an alarm, we are professional, experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable. For more information on the many services we offer, give our team a call!
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    Why Call the Professionals?
    Don’t make an expensive mistake
    Concrete is not a simple surface and should always be handled by professionals. DIY projects are not recommended when it comes to your garage floor surface, and here’s why:
    • Concrete is porous
    • Concrete damages easily if not properly coated
    • Concrete coatings must be applied with professional tools
    • Proper testing of the environment must be conducted
    • As professionals, we have access to the necessary equipment
    • We will fix it if something we ever did was wrong
    • We have decades of experience
    • Having garage floor coatings professionally installed saves you a lot of work and money
    Garage Floor Coating


    Installation Process!
    At SUDS Power Washing LLC, we know that every single surface is different and should be treated as an individual one. Our garage coating process and methods vary depending on the situation and condition of the concrete surface we are coating; however, we do follow a general step-by-step process when we are coating healthy concrete surfaces. Here is what you can expect the process to look like when your surfaces are being done:
    • A professional technician will inspect and survey your garage
    • Any cracks, holes, stains, or abrasions will be fixed
    • All previous coatings, sealants, or paints will be removed
    • The temperature in the garage will be measured
    • Moisture levels will be checked
    • Your concretes pores will be opened
    • The application process will begin
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    Benefits of

    Garage Floor Coatings
    When it comes to garage floor coatings, don’t trust just anyone with your surface. Having a professional install your garage floor coating ensures that you gain all of the benefits a fantastically installed garage floor coating.
    Garage Floor Coating
    Our garage floor coatings are great eco-friendly options that do not produce much waste, does not require toxic chemicals, nor does it require that you rip out your current flooring system. Garage floor coatings offer:
    • Less material waste
    • Long-term coating means fewer replacements over time
    • There isn’t a heavy load of machinery required for installation
    garage epoxy
    Safety & Visibility
    There are some garage floor coatings that produce a high gloss finish that come in handy in dark or poorly lit garages. The gloss finish helps reflect high levels of lighting increasing safety and improving visibility. The gloss finish may look slippery and unsafe, but the truth is these garage floor coatings are:
    • Slip-resistant
    • Nontoxic
    • Increased light reflection improves visibility
    epoxy garage floor coating
    Maintenance is easy
    Due to the fact that many garage floor coatings are highly resistant and incredibly durable, maintenance is very easy. Because the seamless surface creates an impenetrable barrier between your concrete garage floor and the outside world, dust and other debris cannot be absorbed into the concretes surface, creating an easily maintainable area.
    • Garage concrete coatings are resistant to build-up, making them extremely easy to wipe down and keep clean
    • Their high resistance keeps them from needing special waxes or cleaners
    • They are inhabitable by bacteria, mold, or mildew
    epoxy garage floor installers
    A garage floor coating literally creates a fortress for your surface, keeping it completely resistant to many other things that would damage other flooring solutions. Garage floor coatings are resistant to things like:
    • Shock, that would otherwise damage your concrete
    • Heat, so fires are very unlikely with professionally installed garage floor coatings
    • Chemical breakdown, so many of the vehicle fluids and cleaning products typically stored in garages will not breakdown your coating
    • Water and moisture, meaning, mold, and mildew cannot grow within your concretes pores
    Garage floor coatings shouldn’t break your budget and they don’t! With affordable prices offered, you can have an amazingly resistant and affordable surface right in your garage. garage coatings mean you do not have to remove the current flooring to install another one, manual labor is low and efficient, and the price per square foot is around $3-$10 per square foot. Other ways the garage floor coatings come in very affordable are:
    • Their lifespan that spans into the decades means you do not have to replace it often
    • Maintenance is extremely low so extra money does not need to be spent to keep it
    • Garage floor coatings are extremely resistant and will not require repairs often
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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