Often times the importance of our floors is forgotten and even more so in cases concerning our garages. Whether your garage floor is being used to store your vehicle, machinery, double as extra storage, an office, a home gym, or more, it is important to care for your floors. An epoxy garage floor coating is the best option to choose when you’re looking for an affordable, attractive, easy, and long-lasting solution. Concrete garage floors, unless protected, can damage quickly and tend to stain, crack, and damage quickly; however, epoxy concrete garage floors do not scratch, crack, or stain.
When it comes to your residential garage or commercial garage, don’t trust just anyone with your floors. An affordable installation, if done incorrectly, quickly becomes an expensive ordeal if a professional does not complete the project. It is important to forgo the DIY kits, as the leading epoxy flooring company in the Tallahassee area, we have seen it all. Our team has decades of combined experience coupled with licensing and professionalism, don’t trust just anyone with your floors, give us a call today.
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    How should you maintain your floors?
    Even though epoxy garage floors do not require extensive or constant maintenance and care, it is important to remember that everything requires some care. Below are some tips and tricks to help keep your floors lasting long and looking good.
    • Sweep your floors regularly.
    • Mop bi-weekly with gentle cleaners.
    • Never use cleaners with high acidity.
    • Wipe up spills immediately.
    • Avoid cleaners containing soap.
    • Do not intensely scrub one area.
    • Always check with a professional.
    • Inspect floors.
    • Purchase gentle scrubbers and mops.
    • Allow cleaners to sit on your floors for a short period of time to effectively clean off.
    • Do not leave cleaners to dry on the surface of your floor.
    garage floor epoxy

    What is epoxy and how is it installed?

    Garage floor epoxy coating
    Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardeners that chemically react when applied to your concrete floors. This chemical reaction is what helps the mixture penetrate your concretes pores creating a strong protective layer. Epoxy is the strongest and most protective flooring option you can choose for your garage floor. Its quick installation process is one of the reasons why it has become so popular among garage owners.
    • A professional will inspect your floors.
    • Any cracks, scratches, sunken areas, or stains will be fixed or removed. Also, residual paints, oils, or coatings will be taken off the surface.
    • The professional will test the moisture levels of your garage to ensure a successful installation.
    • Your concrete floor will be ground and then an epoxy coating will be added to the surface.
    • Once your coating has been installed the duration of the drying process will depend on how large the area is, the moisture levels, and the type of epoxy that has been installed.
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    Benefits of epoxy garage floor coating

    Epoxy garage floors offer so many options for owners both commercial and residential. A garage floor that lasts for decades but also looks great in the meantime would cost a fortune anywhere else. But with epoxy Tallahassee installers, you can have it all and we are here to serve. Below are some benefits of the epoxy floors we install, for more information give us a call.
    Garage Floor Coating
    An epoxy garage floor coating is the most beautiful option you can choose for your floor. An epoxy decision turns any old, grey, and dull garage from normal to incredible. An epoxy coating gives you the option of choosing any color, style, design, pattern, or texture. Professionally installed epoxy floors appear to be glass-like with high shine possibilities that make the floors look sleek, delicate, and slippery but are actually the exact opposite.
    garage epoxy
    Epoxy garage floor coatings are incredibly affordable even though they are high-end material. An epoxy garage floor is not only an affordable option at the time of installment but also over the years because it does not require expensive maintenance or constant repairs. An epoxy coating is one to last and not require more from your bank account.
    epoxy garage floor coating
    A floor that lasts for 20 or more years should also be highly safe for you your friends, your family, your guests, or your customers. These floors will last you in any space they’re in without peeling or cracking. Epoxy garage floors are the safest option for any garage because they are resistant to any damages that could put your well-being at risks, such as slippage or fire.
    Tallahassee garage floor epoxy
    Epoxy coatings are often times used in garages, regardless it commercial or residential because they contain high levels of resistance to almost everything. An epoxy garage floor will resist any car fluids, gasoline, heavy dropped items, abrasions, heavy equipment, and different weather elements. An epoxy garage floor is also resistant to slippage and fires because of these qualities many homes and business owners feel compelled to install these high performing floors.
    epoxy garage floor installers
    An epoxy garage floor is resistant to moisture. Why is that important? Because any wet weather brought in by your tires or shoes will not have a negative impact on your floors. If your garage floor is a slab of unprotected concrete then there is a likely chance that mold, mildew, and bacteria is growing within its pores that will also spread to other parts of your home. An epoxy floor is not habitable by mold, therefore, unaffected by water of any kind.
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