Most of our clients see their garages the same way, a dusty, boring, and gray space that has old, cracked and stained concrete. A garage is a place you see a lot in your home whether you work in it on the weekends or just park your car in it after work. You shouldn’t have to see your garage the way it is now, both you and your garage deserve better. We are happy to announce that we are offering our garage floor epoxy service at affordable rates to our neighbors in Tallahassee! If you’re tired of dirty and old concrete we are here to help turn your garage into an area you enjoy seeing every day. Our garage floor epoxy systems offer an appearance that will surely turn your neighbors green with envy everytime you lift your garage door. Not only does our epoxy look spectacular, but it also offers the same performance that industrial facilities have with supreme durability, stain resistance and a long lifetime all at an affordable cost!
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    When you choose to take the leap into our garage floor epoxy systems you will be graced with all of its wonderful benefits that outweigh every other flooring option on the market. Below we have only a few of the benefits you receive when you make the switch!
    • Ultra Durable
    • Extreme resistance to chemicals
    • Endless possibilities for design
    • Decades of Lifetime
    • Strengthens the underlying concrete slab
    • Low lifecycle cost
    • Affordable pricing points
    • A type of epoxy for every situation
    • Close to zero maintenance with no polishes or waxing
    • Ability to resist stains from gasoline and oil
    Garage Floor Epoxy Tallahassee Florida


    Garage Floor Epoxy?
    Our team of garage floor epoxy contractors only use epoxy garage floor installers that have decades of experience to ensure that your job gets done right the first time. The first step is stripping any previous coating that you may have on your garage floor. We do this with acid and a pressure washer or scraper. Once that has been lifted we proceed to fill all the cracks your concrete slab may have to provide a seamless and solid surface on the finished product. Once that has dried, we either use grinders equipped with diamond wheels to open the pores in your concrete or a process called shot blasting which profiles the concrete.
    After this is complete on the entire surface, we apply an epoxy primer which strengthens the bond the garage floor epoxy resin forms with your concrete. After this, it depends on what type of epoxy you choose. Be sure to speak with your garage floor epoxy contractor to find out the steps after that pertain directly to you!
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    There is a type of garage floor epoxy for any type of garage you may have. No matter what, you can rest assured that the flooring that is recommended for the type of work you plan on doing will perform and look just the way you have envisioned it. Epoxy Flooring can be applied to any part of your home or business to learn more about what epoxy flooring can do for you click here!
    Garage Epoxy
    This is the epoxy that we recommend for our clients that are going to be using their garage for mechanics and machinery. This form of garage floor epoxy is the strongest and can take the most beating without cracking or wavering. This also protects your concrete the best as well. Concrete slabs with this form of garage floor epoxy have been known to make the slab up to 300 percent stronger and last on an average 2-3 times longer than a bare concrete slab.
    Tallahassee Garage Epoxy
    Our anti-static garage floor epoxy is a specially formulated epoxy that produces zero static electricity as well as defends against forms of electromagnetic pulses from the ground itself. While this form of epoxy is typically found in server rooms, we offer it to our residential clients. This is because we understand that some of our clients may use their garages as a workspace for sensitive electronics such as computers. This flooring will make sure none of your electronics will be zapped from pesky static electricity.
    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
    Our self-leveling garage epoxy floor is perfect to be placed on old or new concrete as it provides a smooth and level surface no matter the circumstances. This is perfect for slabs that may have shifted due to aging or for slabs that may have been poured improperly. This garage epoxy floor provides a durable and stain resistant surface that is perfect for garages as the concrete is exposed to heavy objects, gasoline, and oil. Protect your concrete with a self-leveling garage epoxy floor!
    Tallahassee Garage Epoxy Fl
    Our flaked garage floor epoxy is the standard of most epoxy flooring systems. With this technique, you are offered a flooring system that uses a single colored flake or multiple colored flakes. This makes for a garage epoxy floor that will truly be one of a kind as it is impossible for two of these floors to match completely. This is also a great way to add value to your home as bare concrete tends to be an eyesore!
    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor
    Metallic epoxy is a truly one of a kind material that offers a dazzling experience with epoxy. This form of garage floor epoxy uses metallic pigments combined with special application techniques to replicate lava flow or marble. No other flooring can compare to our metallic epoxy garage floor coating. Just because it is beautiful doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing performance either as we only use the highest grade materials available for all of our finishes so you get the performance of an industrial facility in your garage!
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