In the hands of a professional, power washing can be beneficial to your home. When used at the proper levels, you can rid your house of dirt, grime, bird droppings, and unsightly stains. Pressure washing is also beneficial to prepare the exterior of your home to be painted. This is a very important step in the painting process. Power washing also helps to remove and reduce mold and mildew stains that are not only unsightly and cause damage to your home, but are also dangerous for the health of your family. Call us today to keep these dangerous chemicals at bay.
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    Why should you choose
    Epoxy Tallahassee for your power washing needs?
    At Epoxy Tallahassee, we can tackle a wide variety of home exteriors. Here are just a few of the types of homes in which we specialize:
    • Vinyl
    • Aluminum
    • Plastic
    • Insulated
    • Cement
    • Wood
    • Wood shingle
    • Engineered wood
    • Dryvit
    • Stucco
    • Fiber cement siding
    • Hardy board
    • Metal
    • Stone
    • Brick
    • Imitation stone brick
    • Glass
    • Many more…
    Power Washing

    Why choose

    Epoxy Tallahassee?
    Power washing is valuable but only when done properly. To do it properly, you must have knowledge of how pressure washing effects different surfaces, how those surfaces respond to high pressure, and what to do in unexpected scenarios. This is why power washing is best left to the professionals. Epoxy Tallahassee is a licensed, professional contractor with the knowledge to get the job done and done well. We take pride in our work and you will notice.
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    Benefits of Power

    There are many reasons that you may be considering pressure washing for your home. From paint preparation to mold and mildew removal, here are a few of the most important benefits of power washing your home.
    Increase Home Value
    You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. As the saying goes, the same is true of your home. The exterior of your home is literally the first thing your family, neighbors, and guests see of your home, and it is often the only part of your home that others may ever see. Don’t leave a negative first impression, particularly if you are trying to sell your home. By making an excellent first impression, you increase your home value, because as we all know, the first impression is the only one that counts.
    Curb Appeal
    Apart from home value, the exterior of your home has a lot to do with how your home is perceived. Curb appeal is a large portion of your home value, and power washing the exterior of your home can certainly add to curb appeal. At such affordable prices, it is also one of the least expensive ways to increase your home value.
    Control and Clean Mold and Mildew
    Mold and mildew are a way of life- particularly in the southeast where humidity is high. Mold and mildew almost always begin on the exterior of the home, but if they are not controlled, it can and will spread to the interior of your home causing major health and wellness issues for you and your family. Controlling exterior mold reduces the chances of mold getting into your home.
    Completion of other beautification projects
    When you need to paint or stain your home, the first step is always to pressure wash the exterior to prepare the area for the project. Pressure washing removes debris and mildew as well as chipped paint from the area to be painted and leaves the home with a smooth clean surface ready to take the paint or stain.
    Prevent permanent damage
    Winter grime and summer mildew can cause serious damage and stains to the exterior surface of your home if not properly taken care of and removed. Letting stain and grime sit on your home for long periods of time can cause permanent damage. Power washing can remove this build up quickly and easily when administered by a professional with minimal impact to the environment, when compared to traditional cleaning solutions.
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      Top Five reasons to Pressure Wash your House
      • Save Money: As preventative maintenance pressure washing can prevent costly repairs to your property.
      • Prevent Permanent Damage: Power washing your home can quickly and easily remove the grime, mildew, and other stains to keep further damage at bay.
      • Save Time: Compared to other traditional cleaning methods power washing saves a significant amount of time and effort.
      • Removes Allergens: There’s always something blooming in the Tallahassee area. Power washing can reduce the number of allergens in and around your home.
      • Prepares surfaces: When it’s time to paint the exterior of your home, power washing is the best and the only way to start the process to prepare the surface to be painted.
      How often should I pressure wash my home?
      Most home need to follow and annual cycle of having the exterior cleaned once a year, but some environments require more frequency because of buildup of chemicals and other substances on the home.
      Why should I hire the professionals at Epoxy Tallahassee?
      Don’t put yourself and your property at risk by turning this into a DIY project. Although pressure washing may seem easy to learn, there are many pitfalls that put you and your home at risk. Place your home in the hands of our licensed and insured professionals.
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