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Rustic Wood Concrete
Are you in the market for a new flooring system? Looking the way of traditional hardwood flooring but are torn between its timeless and elegant appearance and its hours of harsh maintenance you have to endure to keep it looking new or last decades? Where the downsides of hardwood floors may have you looking in the direction of other traditional flooring systems such as laminate, tile or even carpet, you don’t have to settle for less! You can have the same look of wood but without the harsh maintenance that could scare you away. How do you ask? Well with rustic wood flooring!
What Is Rustic Wood Flooring?
While the name of this flooring system can be confusing, rustic wood flooring is not wood at all! Another name for the flooring system is wood stamped concrete and now the image begins to become clearer, right? Well not really. Wood stamped concrete has actually come so far in the decades it has been out, it looks exactly like wood flooring! Down below, you will find a few of the ways contractors make rustic wood flooring look like the real deal:
  • The stamps that are used to make rustic wood floorings are actually made from real wood, making knots, grains, and sizes all 100 percent lifelike
  • Flaked garage epoxies start at 5 dollars a square foot
  • Stains are commonly used to create highs and lows for a hyper-realistic coating
Rustic Wood Flooring Vs Traditional Flooring
Wood Stamped Concrete
Now that you know that rustic wood flooring has the same appearance of wood flooring, how does it compare to other traditional flooring systems like tile and carpet? Well, while we know that rustic wood floors blow the competition away, it is our mission to get you informed on what wood stamped concrete is really about! So, down below, you will find how wood concrete stacks up to the other traditional flooring options on the market:
In terms of durability, the only traditional flooring option that compares to wood concrete is tile and even this flooring system doesn’t stand a chance. A rustic wood floor will be resistant to dropped objects and even heavy foot traffic
The only flooring system that comes close to rustic wood flooring is laminate but even laminate doesn’t stand a chance. All you need to maintain a rustic wood flooring is a broom and a standard wet mop. That’s it!
Accident Protection
Unlike any of the other traditional flooring systems, rustic wood floors provide amazing protection against accidents, especially water damage. Where hardwood flooring isn’t a suitable option for households with children wood stamped concrete is!
If you want a custom wood flooring system, you are going to break the bank. But, with wood-concrete, you can choose from endless grain patterns and sizes for practically the same price as a standard wood stamped concrete!
Investing In Your Home With Wood Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete Flooring
One of the best features of using a rustic wood overlay is the fact that they offer an amazing opportunity for investment. While you are spending your money investing in rustic wood upfront, it can help you in the long run, unlike other traditional flooring options. Down below, you will find out how rustic wood can achieve this feat:
-Homeowners that have used rustic wood flooring have seen growth in the value of their homes ranging from 2-5%
-With the lifespan of wood-concrete reaching over 30 years in some cases, the lifecycle costs of the flooring are extremely low due to the low maintenance
-On the subject of maintenance, your maintenance costs will be very low as all you need is a broom, mop and to replace its sealer every 5-7 years depending on where it is placed

Now that you know everything there is about rustic wood floorings, the differences between it and traditional flooring systems are massive! Leave the laminate, tile, and carpet behind a take a step into the future with a rustic wood flooring system!