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Are you in the market for a garage flooring system that can outperform the traditional floor coatings and do it at an affordable pricing point? Well, there are dozens of different options you can find like laminate, heavy-duty carpet, and even foam tiles but none of these alternatives really provide customization or the durability that you require for your garage. If you haven’t found anything that strikes your fancy, have you thought about garage floor epoxy?
Garage Floor Epoxy. What To Expect
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage floor epoxy is a revolutionary flooring system that has seen use in garages all around the world and even in high-end showrooms. But, don’t let high-end finishes scare you as with epoxy, high-end finishes don’t come with a high-end price tag! Garage epoxies are actually one of the most affordable garage floor coatings on the market! Garage floor epoxies typically start at a pricing point of 3$ sqft to 12 sqft for a more advanced epoxy coating.
The Garage Of Your Dreams
Garage Flake Epoxy
Now that we have gotten the numbers out of the way, what else is an epoxy garage floor able to provide? For one, customizing your garage floor epoxy offers more options than any other floor coating on the market. With epoxy, you have access to the following ways to customize your floor coating:
  • A nearly endless selection of base colors
  • The option to use multi-colored or single-colored flakes with unlimited configuration
  • The ability to use the ever beautiful metallic epoxy flooring system.
  • There are even ways to implement logos and text into your garage floor
Safety Implementations
Flake Epoxy Flooring
We all know that the garage can be a rather dangerous area, especially when it sees heavy use or daily use to work on cars or hobbies. Well, epoxy floors can even help you maintain a safe environment in your garage.

Garage floor epoxy offers the following safety features to keep you and your family safe:

  • Garage epoxy has the ability to make any garage that it is placed in up to 150 percent brighter through its significant light reflection; especially when using lighter color schemes.
  • The efficient light reflection of epoxy won’t only make your garage easier to work in, it can make obstructions on your floor easier to spot and avoid, all while saving you money on your power bill!
  • Along with a brighter workspace, there are additives that can be placed into your epoxy to give it texture hence making it safer and easier to walk on when wet or heavily soiled.
How Does Epoxy Compare
Epoxy Floor Coating
When it comes to how epoxy flooring compares to other garage floor coatings, you will find that epoxy fares much better than other coatings. For example, epoxies main competitor is the polished concrete flooring system. Where other concrete coatings don’t give the epoxy a run for its money, polished concrete and epoxies benefits are neck and neck. But, there is a key benefit that epoxy flooring offers that concrete polishing doesn’t is an increase in weight tolerance and general durability. Polished concrete offers a weight tolerance of 5,500 PSI when using the best and most expensive hardeners where an epoxy flooring system can provide up to 15,000 PSI of tolerance at its standard pricing point.
Garage Floor Epoxy. A Worthy Investment
Garage Epoxy Flooring
One of the best features of using a garage epoxy has to be its ability to further and protect the investment you have made into it by providing the following benefits:
-Homeowners that have had garage floor epoxy professionally installed have seen an increase of 2-5% in the value of their home
-Garage floor epoxy has the ability to last your home up to 30 years when it is both professionally installed and properly maintained
-The long lifespan of your epoxy will make the lifecycle costs of the flooring so low, they are comparable to the prices for traditional concrete flooring
-While epoxy has a rather long lifespan, it can increase the lifespan of your underlying concrete by decades!

At the end of the day, it is your garage and you can do whatever you please but, if you are looking for the highest performance and longest lasting system for your garage, there should be no other option than a garage floor epoxy.