When it comes to finding a new flooring for your home, garage or business facility, you want flooring that is able to handle some serious abuse without being bland and boring. All other traditional flooring options are either beautiful and fragile or rigid and outdated so it seems like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes time to find that new flooring that you desperately need. Well, we have good news for our neighbors in Tallahassee, and that good news is that we are offering our metallic epoxy floor coating, which is both beautiful and strong!
A metallic epoxy is a 100 percent solid based epoxy flooring system so you will never have to worry about the epoxy flooring cracking or wavering during times of pressure. Our metallic epoxy flooring systems in Tallahassee are some of the most customizable flooring options on the market as well so you can have the benefit of knowing that you have some of the most attractive floorings on the block. Let us tell you more about our amazing product!
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    Where Can You Find Metallic Epoxy?
    The Most Popular Uses For Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings
    A metallic epoxy floor is one of the most exclusive flooring options on the market to this date and is found in places that attract high-end clients and can also be found in the modern mans home. Below are some of the places that exclusively use metallic epoxy:
    • Commercial facilities that need flooring that is both durable and attractive
    • Hotels and casinos use metallic epoxy for its unique appearance and its ability to handle foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear
    • Airports and aircraft hangars use metallic epoxy for its durability and stain resistance
    • High-end homes use metallic epoxy because it is an exclusive product that is not in use in many other homes
    • Car dealerships use metallic epoxy for its amazing shine and ability to handle vehicle traffic with ease
    • Many restaurants use metallic epoxy as it is a USDA approved flooring option for its extremely hygienic surface
    Metallic Epoxy Floor Tallahassee

    What Is

    Metallic Epoxy?
    A metallic epoxy floor coating in Tallahassee is a unique flooring system that uses a base of epoxy resins, hardeners, and metallic pigments. To begin the process of creating metallic epoxy, the epoxy resins are mixed with the hardeners and in this stage, the epoxy will be clear. Once the hardeners and epoxy resins have been introduced to each other, one or multiple types of metallic pigments are mixed in as well adding color and the dazzling effects found in metallic epoxy floor coatings.
    The amazing thing about metallic epoxy is that the metallic pigments will continue to move in the epoxy until it has fully cured. The effects that are created with metallic epoxy can resemble lava flow, waves crashing and metallic epoxy can give you a pearlescent finish that is unprecedented in traditional flooring. The result of this constant movement is a product that can never be perfectly replicated, not even by the same contractor, making your flooring truly one of a kind.
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    Benefits Of

    Metallic Epoxy
    When you decide to make the switch to a metallic epoxy floor coating, you will be ecstatic to know that this flooring option comes jam-packed with benefits. From being easy to clean all the way to its amazing chemical resistance, there is nothing this flooring doesn’t have. Allow us to go a little more in-depth with the benefits of a metallic epoxy floor.
    Metallic Epoxy
    Chemical Resistance
    A metallic epoxy floor coating can be used in areas that are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals or areas where chemicals can be stored thanks to its top coat. The top coat protects the epoxy flooring and the concrete slab by isolating any chemical on its seamless surface, not allowing for any absorption, but allowing for easy cleanup and disposal. A bare concrete slab will leak these chemicals out into the soil, causing an environmental hazard but not with a metallic epoxy!
    Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating
    Easy To Clean
    One of the most amazing benefits of having a metallic epoxy floor coating is that they are super easy to clean! Metallic epoxy doesn’t use any tedious waxes or polishes to maintain its beautiful glow. All you will need for upkeep on the metallic epoxy floor in Tallahassee is a simple soft bristle broom or a dust mop and a standard wet mop. For low traffic areas, upkeep is required weekly and high traffic areas may require daily maintenance to keep the floor in tip-top shape.
    USDA Approved Flooring
    The USDA has approved the metallic epoxy floor coating for its amazing hygienic and seamless surface. The seamless surface won’t allow any nasty particles to hide like bacteria and reproduce, causing a major health hazard in an area like a hospital. Along with no area for refuge, metallic epoxy is also very easy to disinfect because there are no cracks or crevices that require special attention when disinfecting, all you need to do is wipe it down when its time!
    Pure Metallic Epoxy Floor
    Unmatched Durability
    What metallic epoxy and general epoxy is best known for is its superior durability. Metallic epoxy is able to handle all types of abuse like heavy traffic, dropped objects and even the use of heavy machinery. Not only is the metallic epoxy strong, but it can also make the concrete stronger as well, making the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger when compared to bare concrete slabs.
    Endless Customization
    Metallic epoxy in Tallahassee is one of the most customizable flooring options available on the market today with effects ranging from lava flow all the way to making the floor look like a weather doppler. No other flooring is able to make designs the way metallic epoxy can especially at the price it sits at. With metallic epoxy, no other floor in the world is going to look like yours.