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No matter how well you maintain your pool decking it is bound to eventually falter. It is exposed to the harsh elements, heavy foot traffic, and the heavy duty chemicals that keep your pool clean on a nearly daily basis. But you don’t have to worry about when your pool decking needs repairs, because we are here to help our neighbors in Grand Rapids with our concrete pool deck repair services!
Whether your pool decking is cracked or faded, no matter what material is on your pool decking, we can get it back into functioning order faster than it can be replaced! Allow us to further your information about our pool deck repair services in Grand Rapids!
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We know that replacing your entire pool deck can be an expensive task that will take ages. But with our pool deck repair services, you will be back in your pool in no time at all! Call us today for a free quote!


As one of the top pool decking companies in Grand Rapids, it is required that we know all materials and how we can fix them for you. We offer our friends in Grand Rapids a fast, affordable and professional option opposed to renovating your entire pool decking, but if that’s what you want, we can do that too!
Pool Deck Crack Repair
If your concrete pool deck has become cracked, you now have a serious safety hazard as well as a structural danger. When you are using the pool deck when it has cracks, you can fall and drown! Not only can cracks hurt you, but they can also destroy the structure of your pool by leaking water into the surrounding soil, making your pool and deck insecure! Don’t risk this, call us to repair your deck today!
Pool Deck Repair Near Me
Is your concrete pool decking becoming faded or is your paint beginning to peel? This can make your pool decking underperform severely as most of the great qualities of painted pool decking comes from the paint! You can lose your pool deckings traction and heat resistance that will make you slip, but it can also make your pool decking up to 20 degrees hotter than usual! Don’t worry, we can use our acrylic pool deck repair with a variety of colors!
Concrete Pool Deck Paint
When your concrete pool deck has become chipped or bald in areas, you are not only losing performance, you are also weakening your concrete. With our concrete pool deck repair services, we can restore your pool decking to its former glory, no matter what material has started to peel away or chip. We can protect you from slipping and your concrete from damage from the nasty chemicals in your pool as well as the harsh sun and elements!
Cool Pool Deck Coating
Kool Decking is a one of a kind material that has been one of the most popular methods of pool decking since it was introduced in 1962! This is because it provides amazing traction when wet and the best heat reduction in all pool decking with up to minus 20 degrees off your decking! Our pool deck repair contractors have decades of experience repairing and installing Kool Decking!
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
While stamped concrete is an amazing material that can be used to mimic stone or pavers, it is also prone to damage quite easily when not sealed or stamped correctly. If your stamped concrete has become damaged, do not worry. We can use our concrete pool deck repair knowledge to get it looking amazing again. We will also apply a sealer over the stamped concrete so it lasts as long as possible!
We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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Pool Deck Repair Tallahassee


No matter what you wish to do with your concrete pool deck, from pool deck repair or a pool deck resurfacing, we got you covered. We have decades of combined experience so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool deck will be done right the first time.
The right pool decking won’t only make you fall deeper in love with your home, it will make others love visiting your home. We offer many different styles of materials that will catch your eye no matter what you find appealing. Allow our contractors with decades of combined experience transform your backyard in ways you never thought possible!
Below we have outlined only a few of the amazing benefits that you can stand to gain from letting us be the company that you choose to perform pool deck repair or pool deck resurfacing on your concrete pool deck!
  • Pool deck resurfacing can actually increase the value of your home. Did you know that a damaged pool decking will not pass inspection for a loan when you are selling your home?
  • Pool deck repair is a fantastic way to restore your pool decking at an affordable pricing point. We will work with you so you can get the best deal.
  • We offer our neighbors in Grand Rapids a free no obligation quote, so make sure you call us today!
  • Our concrete pool decking contractors have decades of combined experience installing and repairing all forms of pool decking. you won’t have to worry about your pool decking being installed or repaired incorrectly when you use us!
  • We can provide a safer environment for you and your guests with our services, so don’t wait. Make sure you call us today if it is time for repairs!
  • Discover more of our pool deck services and resurfacing options by visiting the homepage or calling for your free quote!
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