Are you tired of looking at your damaged, aged or just plain ugly pool deck? With summer right around the corner, your pool deck should be the main priority. This is not only because you want to show off your backyard, but because you want to make sure everyone using your pool this summer are comfortable and safe. Sadly, other pool deck contractors are going to try and take advantage of you by saying the only way to properly repair your concrete pool deck is by “simply” replacing it. thankfully, we are the light at the end of the tunnel with our service of pool deck resurfacing! With pool deck resurfacing you can:
  • Completely Customize Your Pool Deck
  • Help /your Concrete Last Decades Longer
  • Provide A Safer Finish
Pool deck resurfacing is the affordable approach that you can take to revamping your backyard. We have all you need to know about this process down below!
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    Make Your Pool Deck Beautiful Again
    Materials We Offer In Tallahassee
    We pride ourselves on the wide assortment of materials that we offer all of our neighbors in Tallahassee in search of the pool deck of your dreams. Down below, you are going to find the materials that we offer:
    • Stamped Concrete Overlays
    • Sundek
    • Spray Decking
    • Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck
    • Pool Deck Repair
    • Rustic Wood Flooring
    • Artistic Concrete Overlays
    • Concrete Sealers
    • Concrete Stains
    • Repaint/Reseal
    pool deck resurfacing

    Why You Should

    Resurface Your Pool Deck
    While the unlimited customization of pool deck resurfacing is more than enough for most of our clients, there is so much more to our service than meets the eye. Not only will this make your pool deck look better than ever before but it can also drastically improve the lifetime of your concrete and the comfort of your concrete pool deck. Not sure if pool deck resurfacing is right for you? Maybe the benefits outlined down below can sway you:
    • Pool deck resurfacing can drastically improve the safety of your pool deck with added slip and skid resistance
    • The value of your home will increase with a brand new pool deck
    • You can see a temperature difference of up to 30 degrees between old decking and resurfaced concrete pool decks
    • Cracks and other forms of damage will drastically decrease the lifespan of your concrete slab
    • Pool deck resurfacing will save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time compared to pool deck replacement
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    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    In Tallahassee
    As one of the top pool deck resurfacing contractors in Tallahassee, we take great pride in the level of knowledge we have installing the vast amount of pool deckings on the market. We know that there are millions of decking solutions on the market so we have taken the liberty in outlining the top pool deck resurfacing materials on the market down below:
    stamped concrete pool deck
    Stamped Concrete
    Stamped concrete systems are one of the most exotic pool decking materials available to this date and here’s what they can bring to your backyard:
    • With a stamped concrete overlay you can craft finishes ranging from brick, cobblestone or even slate finishes
    • All of our stamped concrete overlays come with a high-grade sealer so your concrete coating is going to be waterproof and resistant to harsh chemicals
    • Not only can stamp concrete last 25 years, but it can also increase the lifespan of your existing concrete
    pool deck resurfacing Tallahassee
    Heres why Sundek is one of the top pool decking suppliers around the world:
    • Sundek was actually the first company to ever use the “knock down” texture which has earned its place as the most popular pool decking material on the market
    • Sundek also offers other concrete coatings such as stains, stamped concretes and even a large number of high-grade sealers
    • Sundek stands behind their product and so do we, that is why we offer a warranty on all Sundek products
    pavers over concrete pool deck
    Pavers over concrete pool deck are one of the modern but elegant concrete coverings for pool decking and here’s why:
    • Pavers are extremely durable and are naturally resistant to heavy foot traffic, harsh UV rays and even the harsh chemicals found and used in the pool
    • Maintaining your pavers is also a simple task as you can simply sweep them off and use your garden hose to wash them down
    • In the off chance a paver breaks, you can simply slide a new one in its place
    Rustic Wood Flooring
    Rustic Wood Flooring
    • Heres why we think our wood stamped concrete beats out standard hardwood flooring on the pool deck:
    • With a rustic wood flooring system, you can have the same timeless appearance of hardwood the durability and chemical resistance of concrete flooring
    • To make sure our rustic wood flooring looks as realistic as possible, we craft all of our concrete stamps out of real hardwood
    • The natural texture of the wood stamped concrete will also provide amazing slip and skid resistance even when the pool deck is soiled or wet
    pool deck repair
    Pool Deck Repair
    Sometimes your pool deck doesn’t need to be completely resurfaced, sometimes you just need pool deck repair and here’s why:
    • With pool deck repair, you could be saving thousands of dollars compared to replacing your concrete and even pool deck resurfacing
    • Pool deck repair also gives you the ability to make your deck safer by removing all cracks and gouges and improving the heat deflection of the affected areas of the pool deck
    • Our team of pool deck repair contractors has so much experience, you won’t be able to tell where your deck was damaged!
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Pool deck
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