Your pool decking is exposed to the harsh elements, the unforgiving sun and time on a daily basis. We know that this harsh treatment from mother nature can really take its toll on your concrete pool deck in the shape of fading or cracking. Maybe you’re just tired of the way your pool deck look and you are ready for a change.
If you’re looking into the process of pool deck resurfacing, you will not need to look any further if you’re located in the Tallahassee area because we are offering our services to you! Our contractors have decades of combined experience in the field of transforming old, cracked and ugly pool decks into a beautiful oasis in your backyard! We only use the highest grade materials for our concrete pool deck repair so you can rest assured we will get the job right the first time! When you choose our team, we will make sure your dream pool deck becomes a reality!
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    We offer our clients many different ways to customize their concrete pool deck, and we can even combine any of our materials for an even more unique appearance. If you have a material in mind that is not listed, please contact us today to inquire about its availability!
    • Acid stained concrete
    • Kool Decking or Kool Deck paint
    • Stamped concrete
    • Concrete overlays
    • Stenciled concrete
    • Pavers or concrete pavers
    • Rock salt finished concrete
    • Brick or tile
    • Exposed aggregate
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    When a homeowner decides to resurface their concrete pool deck, they enjoy all of its great benefits. From the ability to keep your deck lasting longer, easy maintenance to even increase the value of your home, concrete pool deck resurfacing has a benefit that you may need in your life. Below we have the benefits our clients love the most:
    • Can provide a safer pool decking that provides grip when wet
    • Most options provide an easy to clean surface that maintains a like-new appearance for years
    • Will provide a refreshed view on your backyard especially if your old decking was ugly or old
    • Protects the concrete underneath a material and even the fragile piping that is connected to your pool itself.
    • May provide a great space to entertain guests or family members
    • In most cases resurfacing will drastically increase the value of your home and make inspection easier if you are looking to sell in the near future.
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    We can make your backyard represent whatever you wish with our vast selection of high-quality materials at our disposal. We can use a mixture of however many materials you desire so your concrete pool deck is truly yours when your project has been completed. Below we have outlined 5 of the most popular materials that we know you are sure to love!
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    Pavers offer a subtle but beautiful appearance that is solid and provides plenty of traction even when wet; not to mention they feel nice on your feet even in direct sunlight. Our clients love pavers for the simple fact that they are super easy to maintain as there is no grout, sealers and they are resistant to the harsh chemicals that pools contain. In the rare occasion, a paver breaks, replacing it is as simple as popping a new paver directly into its place!
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    Acid stained concrete offers a look that can not be easily replicated by other materials as it replicated natural stone. Acid staining is one of the more affordable pol deck resurfacing methods as no other type of solid mud is required to be coated on top of the existing concrete slab. An acid stained concrete pool deck gets its traction from the additive in the sealer which resembles minuscule grains of sand.
    stamped concrete pool deck


    If you desire your concrete pool deck to resemble stone, brick or have an intricate pattern, a stamped concrete finish is what you need. Stamped concrete is better than actual stone as it has the appearance of stone the durability and easy maintenance of concrete. This natural looking finish also provides natural grip provided by its texture. This material is a beautiful way to compliment our other materials when applied next to it!
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    Kool Decking has been one of the top concrete pool deck coatings since 1962 for its unique appearance and easy application. Kool Decking is a “knock down” material and gets its grip from the unique texture that the material gives when applied. Kool decking protects itself from the harsh chemicals in your pool with acrylic paint that comes in a variety of different colors. The acrylic concrete pool deck paint also reflects the sun, so you won’t have to worry about burning your feet!
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    Stenciled concrete is the more affordable alternative to a stamped concrete overlay as it doesn’t use any micro topping to achieve its look. A stenciled concrete finish uses paper stencils with the addition of acid to replicate pavers, wood, or even stone. The acid is available in a variety of different colors and you can even use 2 colors to achieve a surface that has highs and lows, making it appear more realistic.
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