There is no denying that traditional wood flooring is quite beautiful. Authentic wood floors came into use in the mid-1600s in France and have been used for traditional homes ever since. Traditional wood floors offer home and business owners a classic/modern look all at once, so it is no surprise that traditional floors are popular. Other than their looks, hardwood floors are actually very difficult to care for and even more difficult to keep without spending a lot of unnecessary money. Hardwood flooring is delicate and is not recommended for homes with young children and large pets. Hardwood floors tend to be fragile when water is spilled, heavy items are dropped, or temperature changes occur. Truthfully, other than what they look like, traditional wood flooring is much more work than it’s worth, especially when it is compared to rustic wood flooring.
Rustic wood flooring, which becomes popular back in the 1980s and 90s has not stopped its popularity gain since. Rustic wood flooring gives wood floor lovers everything a traditional wood floor would except the fragility and price tag. Rustic wood flooring is strong, resistant, and long-lasting. Rustic wood flooring, unlike traditional wood flooring, is resistant to damages caused by water, temperature changes, and impact by dropped items. Rustic wood floors look and feel like traditional wood flooring, but they are much more practical, flexible, and affordable. You can have a rustic wood floor installed inside or outside and still have the same level of strength and durability. More specifically rustic wood concrete offers:
o Moisture resistance, meaning, mold, and mildew are not habitable in the floor’s pores. Due to the seamlessness of the flooring itself, it is not likely that liquids will penetrate the floors coating.
o Rustic wood floors do not require special waxes or treatments, unlike traditional wood flooring. Rustic wood is coated and installed to resistant spills, stains, and oils.
o Unlike traditional wood floors, rustic wood is not a fire hazard and does not to be treated not to be. These floors are resistant to temperature changes and do not absorb heat at the same extent that wood flooring would.
o Rustic wood floors are slip-resistant. These are great floors with young children, animals, and/or elderly individuals.
o Moving furniture and dropped tables are never a problem for rustic wood flooring, why? Because the floors are scratch and impact resistant, a quality wood floor will never have.
o Rustic wood floors are much quicker to install and last much longer than any traditional wood floor. Their long lifespan is one reason why they are so much more affordable than real wood flooring.
o Maintenance for real wood is extensive and expensive, when the temperature outside changes your real wood floors shrink and expand, leaving cracks in the wood panels. Rustic wood is impervious to temperature damage and does not require any special treatments. Simply mop and/or sweep on a regular basis to maintain proper hygiene and enjoy your rustic wood floors!