Getting Creative With Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coating
When it comes to traditional flooring systems it will seem as if most of the systems are set in stone; some times literally with systems such a tile. Are you looking for a flooring system that will allow you to add your own flair to it without having to spend thousands of dollars having a custom flooring system made? Well, it sounds like you need an epoxy floor coating and you’re in luck because today we are going through everything you can do to epoxy flooring and everything that epoxy flooring can do for you! So, let’s get started!
The Types Of Epoxy Flooring Systems
3d Epoxy Flooring
To begin, we need to go over all of the epoxy flooring systems that are out there like decorative epoxies and functional epoxies ( they are all practically the same!) The only major differences between the different types of epoxies is the additives and epoxy base that is used in the floor coating. Down below, you will find the trending epoxy systems you can have installed today:
-Metallic epoxies offer dazzling finishes that replicate the look of clouds, waves and even embers
-Epoxy flake flooring offers a one of a kind finish with nearly endless designs using multi-colored or single-colored flakes
-With a wood epoxy, you can have the timeless and elegant finish of hardwood flooring with the durability of epoxy floors!
Why You Should Use Epoxy Floors
Epoxy Flooring
While the customization of the decorative epoxy floors are amazing, what else are the coatings able to provide? Thankfully, there is much much more to an epoxy coating than meets the eye! Epoxies are jam-packed full of amazing benefits that can revolutionize the way you use the flooring in your home. Down below, you will find the most popular benefits of using an epoxy floor coating:
-Epoxies are the most durable flooring system on the market, giving you protection from dropped objects, scratches and abrasions or even heavy foot traffic. This is why epoxy is nicknamed the life proof flooring system
-Not only are epoxy floors durable, but they are also very easy to maintain. This is one of the main reasons why epoxy floorings have been trending in the residential market.
-Epoxy flooring has an amazingly long lifespan as a professionally installed epoxy coating can last upwards of 20-30 years when proper maintenance is regularly performed
-Another great benefit of epoxy coatings is that they can be used basically anywhere. The only limitation you face with epoxy is the use in exterior concretes
-Epoxies are also a safe flooring option with features like providing a brighter area through light reflection and even providing a non-slip surface
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Metallic Epoxy
One of the most popular floor coatings across the market is the metallic epoxy flooring system. With a metallic epoxy, solvents and brushes are used to craft dazzling finishes that no other flooring system can produce, making it one of the most desirable floorings on the market. Even finding a contractor who is trained to install your metallic epoxy can be a hassle because of how new and popular it has become. If you want your flooring to be the talking point of your next social gathering, invest in a metallic epoxy floor coating!
Not Epoxy Flooring?
When it comes down to it, there are endless possibilities that can be achieved when using epoxy, even if you aren’t using them for flooring! Down below, you will find the ways that epoxy can be used even when you don’t want to coat your floors with it:
-Metallic epoxy countertops are taking social media by storm with a finish that is as durable as it is beautiful
-Epoxies are commonly used in combinations of wood to make beautiful tables
-Epoxy casts are now trending on social media as holders for pencils, candles and much more

No matter how you look at it, you can begin to see why epoxy has become a trending topic on social media and interior designers alike. If you are looking for a way to get creative with the design of your home, you should give an epoxy coating a chance.