When you go to the local hardware store, there is often more opinionated comments then there are about politics in most cases. The comment that we hear the most or rather get asked the most about epoxy flooring is,” Is it safe?” In honor of this myth being passed around epoxy flooring, today we are going to take a deep look into epoxy flooring to debunk all of these crazy rumors. But, we are not biased so we will also look into how epoxy flooring can prove to be unsafe.

To begin we are going to talk about a lesser-known way that epoxy flooring can actually make your home or facility a safer environment and even safer for the environment. Epoxy flooring has the ability to resist even the harshest chemicals, and by resisting chemicals, the epoxy flooring won’t absorb the chemicals that manage to make their way onto the flooring. Did you know that when concrete is exposed to moisture that it will absorb the material, no matter what it is? Not only can this absorption cause serious damage to the concrete slab, but it will also leak the moisture out into the surrounding soil. This can cause a major environmental hazard when a harsh chemical is absorbed. But, with an epoxy flooring system, your home or business will be as green as ever and safe from these hazards.

There is, in fact, one or two ways that epoxy flooring can actually cause a hazard, but there is a solution to one of these flaws. That is the fact that epoxy flooring can be slick when it becomes wet or soiled, but there is a solution to this hazard. There is an additive that can be placed into the top coat of the epoxy flooring that looks like and that will make the floor grip more, even when it is wet. The flaw that cannot be fixed is the epoxy flooring extremely hard surface. Yes, one of the epoxies best benefits is actually one of the most dangerous hazards of this flooring option. While this is most commonly a hazard related to residential applications, it can happen anywhere. There are cases of elderly folk, children and even some adults tripping on an object and hitting the surface of the epoxy, causing some bruises and even broken bones. Most homes try to combat this flaw by putting rugs on the epoxy flooring.

Another way that epoxy flooring can make your garage or facility safer is with its amazingly reflective top coat. This top coat has been proven to reflect light at such high efficiency, it can make the area seem up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources. This additional light can make the area easier to work in and even make working in the area safer as you can see what you are doing under a car and such. With such a light reflective surface, it can also be easier to spot foreign objects on the surface of the flooring, reducing the risks of tripping hazards, all while saving you money on the electric bill.