In Tallahassee, Florida, there are none so knowledgeable and experienced as us when it comes to commercial epoxy flooring. We get that you need a sturdy, long-lasting floor that can not only withstand heavy foot traffic, but also other potential hazards such as chemical spills, heavy dropped objects, harsh cleaning products, and heavy abuse. Not only can commercial epoxy flooring in Tallahassee provide this, but it can also leave you with an attractive floor that can last 10-20 years.
At SUDS Power Washing LLC, we take pride in delivering comprehensive and tailored commercial epoxy flooring Tallahassee solutions to give you the best floor system for your money.
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    Applications for Commercial Epoxy Coatings
    Our commercial epoxy flooring
    Tallahassee systems are built to withstand all types of abuse and environments from light duty storefronts to demanding industrial settings. We install epoxy in the following applications and more:
    • Machine shops
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Retail stores & salons
    • Food processing plants
    • Auto shops
    • Medical and veterinary facilities
    • Institutional facilities
    commercial epoxy flooring

    What Is Commercial

    Epoxy Flooring?
    Commercial epoxy flooring is a fantastic option among the wide range of flooring options available in the commercial and industrial sectors in Tallahassee. With amazing durability, strength, resistance, and customizable options, it’s easy to see why epoxy flooring has been number one in the commercial sector for decades. Ahead, we’ll take you through everything that our commercial epoxy flooring Tallahassee products have to offer.
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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    There’s a whole myriad of benefits to choosing a commercial epoxy floor coating for your Tallahassee facility. From epoxy’s superior durability when compared to other flooring solutions to its ability to withstand even the heaviest levels of foot traffic or heavy machinery and its imperviousness to spills, you’ll know you’ll never have to worry with a commercial epoxy floor in Tallahassee.
    Your epoxy floor will also be incredibly easy to clean thanks to its completely seamless nature. This is an important concern anywhere cleanliness and hygiene are important, including restaurants, manufacturing plants, and institutional facilities. You can also apply a commercial concrete epoxy coating to spruce up the appearance of your facility and create a positive impression with customers with a whole range of patterns, designs, and colors to choose from.
    commercial epoxy flooring Tallahassee
    Excellent Chemical Resistance
    Epoxy flooring is renowned for its excellent resistance to chemicals, and is therefore frequently found in industrial settings. A range of commercial environments can also benefit from resilient epoxy, however. Commercial industries such as hospitals, restaurants, garages, and auto stops make for great locations that can take great advantage of an epoxy floor. Commercial kitchens can benefit from a floor system resistant to dairy products, salt, animal fats, sugar, solvents, and cleaning chemicals which can easily eat away at and damage other floor systems. Epoxy floors are also resistant to corrosive liquids such as gasoline, oil, lubricants, and harsh cleaning products. Your commercial epoxy concrete coating can last years without deteriorating.
    commercial concrete epoxy
    Hygienic Seamless Surface
    In any commercial, industrial, or even residential setting, hygiene is an important concern. If you are running a healthcare facility or a business in the food industry, however, you will understand that hygiene is the number one priority, and there’s no other flooring system that can provide such an outstanding level of hygiene as a commercial epoxy flooring Tallahassee system. For decades, commercial epoxy flooring has been the go-to choice in environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and operating rooms, locker rooms, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and a whole lot more. All of our commercial epoxy solutions are approved by the USDA and guaranteed to maintain safe and sanitary standards. While not entirely necessary to keep the floor clean, our commercial epoxy floors can withstand any harsh abrasive cleaners or disinfectants that may be used in a hospital or healthcare setting.
    commercial concrete floor epoxy
    Custom Design Options
    There’s no other flooring system in the world that can come close to all of the customization possibilities that come with a commercial epoxy flooring solution in Tallahassee. Offering an endless array of different colors, designs, textures, and even patterns, you’re guaranteed to find something that can complement your facility and make a great impression on customers while also improving safety. One incredibly popular option is epoxy flake flooring which incorporates small flakes of color mixed into the epoxy resin to bring it to life with texture and color. This has been incredibly popular in environments such as stores, medical facilities, rec centers, or anywhere else looking to promote a decorative image while still looking professional. Any text or logos you may want to integrate can also be added to your floor, or even if perhaps you wish to incorporate safety markings or designate work areas, directions, or walking paths. With custom designed commercial epoxy flooring in Tallahassee, the only true limit is your imagination.
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    Specialty Formulations
    There are many specialty formulations available depending on the needs of your facility. Our commercial epoxy flooring contractors offer special topcoat options for anti-static solutions, for example, if you wish to prevent potential hazards such as electrostatic discharges to protect sensitive electronics or explosive materials. We can also add anti-skid additives. Topcoats such as these can be a vital addition to increase safety around the workplace. For the busier workplaces, we offer super quick installation formulations that can upgrade your floors with next to no downtime necessary.
    commercial epoxy floor contractors
    High Compressive and Tensile Strength
    As a result of the process through which the epoxy resin binds with the underlying concrete floor beneath, commercial epoxy flooring in Tallahassee features excellent tensile strength, and it’s fully capable of withstanding even the heaviest of loads, while at all times remaining totally flexible. Despite what you may be thinking, the epoxy on top is actually stronger than the concrete substrate underneath, so is more than capable of supporting any heavy merchandise or equipment.