Epoxy floors are the strongest, toughest, most resilient floors you will ever install in any property. Concrete alone is actually just strong but not resilient because it is a very porous surface, but with a professionally installed epoxy flooring that is not a problem. Epoxy flooring is great for many different areas such as garages, basements, kitchens, grocery stores, warehouses, hospitals, and more; however, nothing can last forever without some type of maintenance. Epoxy floors are resistant to many different types of damages like staining, cracking, chemical breakdowns, and scratches, but without some care, those things can breakdown the flooring. Epoxy floors are extremely easy to maintain because they are so resistant to damages.

 Below we make some suggestions, regardless of where your epoxy floor is installed, on how to manage your floor to ensure you extend its lifespan as long as possible. Some of our suggestions are:

  1.     Keep the dirt away!
  2.     If you have a vehicle or machinery that is constantly driving or moving across your surface it is important to remove the dirt that is dragged in on a regular basis. Dirt that is left, over time, will begin to embed in the epoxy floor.
  3.     Epoxy floors are scratch resistant and the best way to ensure that over time scratches don’t become an issue is vacuuming on a regular basis to ensure your surface is dirt free.
  4.     Never use soap!
  5.     Soapy cleaners are not your friend, not when it comes to epoxy flooring anyways. Soapy cleaners leave a film like haze across your epoxy floors that dull its shine over time.
  6.     Epoxy floors are water resistant and should clean up easily with mild cleaners. If you need a strong clean use a bristle brush to help with the area.
  7.     Clean things as they come!
  8.     Don’t leave a spilled anything on the floor. When you see a spill clean it on the spot to avoid any possible damages.
  9.     A mop and warm water go a long way with epoxy flooring
  10.     SWEEP!
  11.     Dirty floors are never good. Just sweep your floors on a regular basis to ensure any lingering issues stop lingering.
  12.     Sometimes using a clean ammonia/water mix can help with any second mopping in the immediate area.
  13.     Stains can happen!
  14.     Epoxy is resistant to staining but not 100% immune to it. It is up to you to care for your floors to ensure that its resistance stays top notch.
  15.     Rust stains can be removed with warm water and light scrubbing
  16.     Avoid citrus cleaners and over scrubbing
  17.     Do not get overly worried about immediate vehicle fluid spills or chemical spills because epoxy is resistant to those damages; however, do not let those spills sit on your surface for long. Clean spills up as they happen to avoid any major issues in the future.

The main idea of the suggestions listed above is simply to care for your floors when things happen, and they will continue to resistant damage. Nothing will last without a little bit of care and epoxy flooring maintenance is as little as it gets.