Pool Safety Tips For

Your Family This Summer

Pool Safety Tps
On a sizzling summer afternoon, everyone wants to get in the pool, including the children! The pool is a refreshing space where so many memories can be created, don’t let simple missed guidelines turn an opportunity for good into a disastrous accident. More than 3,700 people drown in the United States alone in accidents that could be prevented with some of the suggestions below!
Fences keep things in and out!
Safety For Pools
A well-installed fence is not only a positive decorative option, but it is one of the best ways to keep children out of the pool area when no adults are present. This barrier has saved countless lives in states across the country. Fences around pools are not federal laws but some states have taken to presenting state laws to reduce the number of preventable drownings.
  • Professionally installed fences keep young children away from the water’s edge
  • Fences keep your pool safe from strangers
  • Fences can be installed as a great decoration
Alarms are loud!
Pool Alarm
If you’re not around but desperately want an extra layer of protection to keep your kids away from the water, then install an alarm system! This layer of protection is great for a little bit older child who would know how to open a gate but should not be on their own in the pool water. Some alarms can be installed under the water and are sounded by unusual movements made by people when they swim!
  • This helps protect middle-aged children
  • Sensors are great for underwater movement detection
  • Keep children and strangers out of the pool with loud alarms
Store Chemicals Safely
Pool Safety
Pool chemicals should be kept in areas that are not accessible to children! This is a big factor in poisoning incidents because children can be very explorative. These issues can be caused by chemicals being added to the water improperly or children directly ingesting these chemicals. Keep all chemicals and pool cleaners away and hidden at all times.
  • Pool chemicals should never be added to the pool by young children
  • Chemicals should be kept out of the way at all times
  • Reduce the number of possible accidents by putting aside all chemicals
Inspect drains
Inspect Pool Deck
Drain covers need to be inspected and ensured that they are on properly because young children, being so tiny, can be sucked into a drain. It is important to have the screws checked and any cracks repaired or replaced completely.
  • Drains are dangerous for small children
  • Drains should be kept up to date with like the rest of the pool
  • Never allow a child near the drain of your pool or hot tub
Set pool rules
Pool Rules
This may seem like a silly thing to list but if you set a boundary, most children will test it but not cross it, especially if the pool is going to be taken away. These pool rules set an official tone to the pool area and make it a place that the children earn not something that is theirs!
  • Don’t run
  • Don’t dive
  • Don’t swim without permission or an adult watching
  • don’t hold yourself or anyone else underwater