So you have finally made the switch to an epoxy flooring system. The good news is that you won’t ever have to worry about any major maintenance for the remainder of your epoxy floorings lifespan! While the maintenance of epoxy flooring is relatively simple, we find that a majority of people will actually hold off on doing the required maintenance on their epoxy flooring system. This is not suggested at all as the maintenance of your epoxy flooring system plays a major role in how long the flooring system is going to last, so always stay on top of your maintenance! Today we are going to take a look into how you maintain your epoxy flooring while giving you some tips and letting you in on some of the secrets of the trade!

The process will always begin with the removal of all loose debris that is on the flooring and to do this we will always recommend using either a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to clean up the flooring. We always suggest soft bristles as the stiff bristle nylon brooms can actually create tiny scratches in the surface of the flooring. Along with these scratches, we find that stiff-bristle brooms aren’t as effective when trying to remove tiny dirt or dust particles as the soft bristle brooms are. As soon as you’re sure that all loose debris has been removed, you are good to start the next step of maintenance.

The next step is the cleaning of the epoxy flooring uses a standard mop. While this process is very straight forward, there are a couple of guidelines that should be followed to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible. When you are mopping the floor, always make sure to never focus too much on a single area. Overworking the area can result in that area of the floor becoming de-glossed. Another thing to look out for when you are mopping is to make sure you always test a new chemical before using it on the entire floor. To test a new chemical, we recommend masking of either a corner of the room or in an area that won’t be seen and apply a splash of the chemical. Allow for the chemical to sit for at least 5 minutes and once the chemical is wiped off you can see if it is safe to use. A bad chemical reaction will create a cloudy effect on the surface of the epoxy flooring and if that occurs, don’t use the chemicals.

There is a unique way that you can wash areas that are able to sustain water as well such as garages and some commercial facilities. You can actually use your hose to wash epoxy flooring but just as mopping the epoxy, there are some rules when using a hose to wash the epoxy. Just like when mopping the floor, make sure to not focus too much on a single area, you can dull the clear coat and even warp the flooring if the water pressure is high enough, so make sure you keep the hose constantly moving. Another risk to watch out for when using the hose occurs mostly in the summertime and in some homes regularly. Make sure that the water never reaches 115 degrees or above, this can harm the epoxy flooring to the point of needing repair.