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Interior Epoxy
There are different types of flooring trends sweeping the nation and they all differ. Bathrooms are being designed to bring back the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while the rest of some homes are recycled materials and others are look-alike wood! Whatever it is that you have currently in your home, take a look into the best flooring trends this year!
Green is in!
Epoxy Flooring
The hippy movement has left an impact on our society and here it is! The 70s are back in the best way possible, recycled flooring materials. Many interior designers have been installing cork, bamboo, and reclaimed wood or engineered wood. Many cork floors are installed because they are known to be non-toxic and the trees the cork is taken from regenerate every harvest.
  • Recycled materials are great for our planet
  • These floors reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced during the creation and installation
  • When it is time to remove them, they can be reused for something else and lower the amount of waste
Bathroom floors
Bathroom Epoxy
Adding unique notes of designs and colors into a bathroom floor creates a sense of distinctiveness. A new and different floor from the rest of the home makes a bathroom feel like it is truly it’s own and creates a warm and inviting sense for friends, family, and guests alike. A variety of shapes including tiles, squares, herringbone, chevron, and so much more are being installed and seen everywhere!
  • These floors create distinct surfaces
  • These designs can almost seem 3D
  • The feel of these floors is smooth and very classic-like
Another bathroom flooring option is tiles that resemble wood. The wood-like planks come in different colors and styles that truly create a realistic appearance and have truly transformed bathroom decoration.
Rustic Wood Flooring
The use of reclaimed materials is taking on a whole new meaning this year with the rise in demand for rustic-looking modern homes! This style of home is very much a modern system but has rustic appearing materials to encourage a feeling of nature and the classic farmhouse style.
  • Increased lighting in homes
  • Reusing flooring materials is an eco-friendly option
  • Different board lengths and colors are used with these floors
Grey Hardwood
Wood Stamped Concrete
These are distinct patterned floors that look sun-bleached. These types of designs were once only found near beaches and boardwalks but now are popular among homeowners wanting them in kitchens and bathroom areas.
  • Seemingly casual and modern
  • These floors are typically hard to damage and stain
  • They are installed to complement furniture and appliances already in the home
Garage Floor Tiles
Garage Floor Tiles
Regardless of what the floors are being used for, rubber and plastic tiles are extremely popular for garage floors! They can be highly personalized and offer incredibly variations.
  • Garage floor tiles have offered more flexibility with installation and longevity of the floors
  • These floors are resistant to damage and moisture
  • They can easily be replaced if needed