Epoxy garage floor coatings offer distinct benefits that cannot be offered by other flooring solutions because they do not have the chemical structure of an epoxy mixture. An epoxy garage floor mixture is comprised of resin and hardeners that, once they’ve been mixed together and spread on the porous concrete surface, bond with the open concrete and create an impenetrable layer of protection between the concrete surface and the rest of its environment.
Other than the strength that epoxy garage floor coatings bring to your garage they also brighten your garage and create a beautiful environment that will increase your property value. This coating is the best way to draw people’s eyes to your garage and your home. Below we are going to explore the benefits of an epoxy garage floor:
o An epoxy garage floor coating is resilient, resistant, and long-lasting.
o The coating will hide minor imperfections like spider cracks and concrete flaws.
o Because epoxy is a topical sealer your dusting days in your garage are over.

So, why should you be using a garage floor epoxy coating? All of these benefits don’t sound as specific and endearing and other coatings can mimic these benefits. Here is why garage floor epoxy benefits are much better than any other flooring option you may be considering:
1. Aesthetics are superior with epoxy garage floor coatings. Transform your boring and dull garage floor into a sleek and elegant looking surface. Epoxy covers up any previous defects and offers design options that other garage floor coatings could never do. With texture, patterns, and designs all possible to be changed, an epoxy garage floor can appear to be anything you want it to be.
2. Affordability stretches far beyond the initial installation period. When you finish installing an epoxy garage floor coating you will not have to expect more fees down the road because epoxy garage floors are resistant to many different forms of damages. Maintenance for an epoxy garage floor coating is extremely minimal and the flooring will never require waxes or special coatings.
3. Resistance is the key benefit that brings all of the others together. Epoxy garage floors are extremely resistant to all forms of damage that help with the overall affordability of the coating and the longevity. Your epoxy garage floor will be resistant to wear/tear, chemical breakdown, moisture, bacteria growth, mold and mildew, impact, cracking, heat, scratches, and abrasions.
4. Epoxy garage floors last for many years when they are properly maintained, and their maintenance is not difficult because the coating is resistant to all types of damages.
5. An epoxy garage floor coating is much stronger than any naked concrete surface. When choosing epoxy garage floor coatings, it is important to note that the strength of your garage floor will range from 3,000 psi to 10,000 psi.
6. Safety and visibility thanks to your epoxy garage floors elegant shine are greatly increased. Epoxy garage floors reflect any lighting in a garage setting helping improve visibility. The coatings are not toxic and can be added with more grip to make them slip-resistant even when they are wet.