No matter what type of area you are in, industrial to residential, choosing new flooring can prove to be quite a pain in the neck. With so many different floorings available on the market, it can seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, but with epoxy flooring, it doesn’t have to be anymore. This is because no matter what, there is a type of epoxy flooring that can benefit your home or facility in ways that you didn’t even know were possible. Down below, we are going to go through some of the areas that are shoe-ins for epoxy flooring as they need the benefits the most!

Garage Floors
The garage in homes or commercial garages are areas that are almost asking have epoxy flooring installed on their floors. This is because the garage is almost constantly exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basis so they need flooring that is able to handle this type of abuse. Epoxy flooring is a chemical resistant flooring system that isolates the chemical and all moisture for that matter on the top of the epoxy flooring for both easy cleanup and disposal of the spilled chemical. Another reason why so many garages use epoxy is for its ability to reflect light. The high-efficiency light reflection of epoxy flooring can actually make the area appear up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources. This improves vision and can make the garage a safer environment.

Commercial Facilities
Commercial facilities are actually one of the areas that use epoxy flooring the most as it is one of the few floorings that can stand up and last in the harsh conditions of most commercial facilities. The epoxy flooring is able to resist the adverse effects of heavy forklift and foot traffic, the use of heavy machinery and even the damage from a variety of objects that are dropped on the epoxy flooring. Aside from strength, there is another benefit that epoxy flooring has that makes it so attractive. Epoxy flooring is one of the few floorings to be approved by the USDA for use in facilities that handle food and beverages and even in the medical field in areas such as operating theaters.

Residential Epoxy
While most people will associate residential epoxy with the garage epoxy, that is not all that epoxy can be used for in the residential setting. Epoxy flooring can actually be installed throughout the entire house! The unlimited customization of epoxy flooring can bring a truly unique, modern and high-end appearance to the home with ease, especially with the use of a metallic epoxy flooring. Along with its sheer amount of visual customization, epoxy flooring is also one of the easiest flooring systems to maintain as it resists stains and even the scratches and abrasions that other floorings would take from day to day life. All you will need to maintain the epoxy flooring in your home is a soft bristle broom and a standard wet mop!